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Emails are the most useful, fast and effective way of communication today. Companies, offices, individuals, all over the world, depend on email to communicate and share information among each other. Email relay is a highly useful service which allows you to route or send an email to correct destination. This service is basically used for local networks, to share emails among that network only. For example: there are numerous employees and departments in a company. In such scenario email relay can be used to share emails between their network.

Now this service is also being used to share emails over the internet. It can forward email messages to pre-specified email addresses, on one address. It means that a single address can be used to deliver messages to various email accounts. The advent of this facility has further enhanced the popularity of email service and that is why a number of companies are offering this service today.

Uses of Email Relays

Using this service of email relay can give very useful results

  • Email relay can be used to share emails among a network.
  • It facilitates faster sharing of messages among people of a single network in very less time.

Benefits of using Email Relays

Email relay service is proving to be highly advantageous for big and as well as small enterprises.

  • This service can be customized according to your organizational needs.
  • It makes it extremely easy and simple to forward a mail to all the related email accounts.
  • You can ensure that everybody in the network has received the message with one click.
  • It allows faster and easier email exchange in far lesser time.
  • Using this service is much easier than forwarding every message manually.
  • Some service providers also offer free virus scanning with the service, making it extremely safe for use.
  • The service providers keep updating their anti-virus system regularly, which makes them even more secure.

All these factors combined, have made this service highly useful and functional for enterprises of all sizes.

Limitations of Email Relays

Along with so many benefits, email relay has some limitations as well.

  • As so many systems are attached to one server it can result in delay or system failure.
  • In the case of using an unreliable server, virus and spam attack can infect the company’s network.

When opting for this service of email relay you can get various options. Depending on the size of your business, or the amount of data shared in your company you can opt for the service accordingly. The expenses of this service can vary from company to company and the amount of mail traffic. For secure and hassle-free email sharing in your company it is extremely important to find a reputable service providing company. A reliable service provider can ensure uninterrupted email service to all the connected systems. Not choosing the service provider carefully can result in delay and loss of information. Thus for the smooth running of your business, you should opt for a service which is both reputable and experienced. Ballistic Domains can offer a very reliable and quality service to enterprises of all sizes and types.

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