Online Storage Services

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Online Storage

These days, online storage has replaced the traditional storage on hardware like hard drive and zip drives. Online storage, also known as cloud storage distributes data across data centers, servers, hard drives, etc. It does not keep information on a single server. Cloud storage providers like Ballistic Domains own and maintain the servers that contain this data in a secure environment with the highest level of encryption.

Unlike information stored on hardware that is only accessible if you have access to it, cloud storage can be accessed from anywhere. You can access your virtual storage account on all kinds of devices like your desktops, mobiles, tablets, and so on, through the internet regardless of where you are.

Online Storage Packages

As a cloud storage provider, we are proud of the fact that our data storage solution is priced better than most providers like Amazon drive and Microsoft Onedrive. Compare our solutions with the competitors and be pleasantly surprised. You are only limited by the storage space you buy. For larger and unlimited storage plans, write to us.

Online Storage

Online Storage Economy

$19.99 / per year

A better way to back up, store, and share your files.

Only available in English.

  • 10 GB Storage Space
  • Unlimited Sharing*
  • Backup: Manual & FTP

*Subject to plan storage space limits

Online Storage

Online Storage Deluxe

$29.99 / per year

A better way to back up, store, and share your files.

Only available in English.

  • 100 GB Storage Space
  • Unlimited Sharing*
  • Backup: Manual & FTP

*Subject to plan storage space limits

Benefits of Online Storage?

Whether you are an individual or a business, there are many benefits of using an online storage service:

Cost Effective

Purchasing physical storage devices to store large amount of data can be very expensive for businesses and individuals alike. In comparison, online storage can work out to be a very inexpensive solution.


It is easy to access files and data from anywhere with online storage. You don’t have to carry a hard drive around. Just drag and drop files easily in the cloud and retrieve them from anywhere. All users need is a good internet connection.

Data Recovery

Loosing files and important information can be disastrous. There is always the fear of losing data and secure files with physical storage if the device is damaged or gets corrupted. Having online storage can help backup and retrieve data easily.

Syncing and Updating

If you have online storage, every time you make changes to your data, it automatically gets synced and updated across all the devices from which you access the data on the cloud. So you don’t have to make these changes multiple times.


Online storage acts like an additional layer of security for your data. Since the data is stored across different servers online with state of the art encryption, there is no fear of hardware failure or unauthorized access to sensitive data. You will not lose your information and it cannot be easily stolen – unlike hardware devices. These servers also provide automatic backups that ensure your data is safe.

Shared Access

File sharing and online collaboration are increasingly becoming important in distributed and remote teams. With cloud storage, file sharing and collaboration is a breeze.

As business owners, you will require large amounts of storage space to keep your data, files, and folders. It is not practical to store this data in a single server or hard drive. Online storage can come to your rescue at such times and store your data across a network of servers with facilities like online backup, disaster recovery, computer and mobile device access, and even a mobile app for syncing files seamlessly.

Why Choose Ballistic Domains

Ballistic Domains is more than just a cloud storage service provider. We address the entire web presence needs of our clients – from domain registration and website hosting to email, web security, building websites, and even online marketing.
We take pride in the quality of service we are able to provide at affordable prices. We maintain the highest standards with our online storage solution in terms of security, accessibility, and uptime. We understand that different types of users will have different requirements, and hence have a variety of packages to choose from.

More About Ballistic Domains

At Ballistic Domains, we pride ourselves in our out of this world solutions! Whether you are starting your first site and need a domain name and hosting, or looking for a state of the art cloud storage solution, we have you covered.

24/7 Mission Control Support

At Ballistic Domains, we provide 24/7 access to mission control and email experts to help troubleshoot any problems you may encounter!

Money-Back Guarantee

As a business owner having the backing of an out of this world marketing company you are in safe hands. Unlike many other earthly cloud storage providers, we offer a money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with our cloud storage service.