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Remote Work Tools

Remote work is getting popular with each passing day. More and more companies are seeing the advantages of remote work and encouraging their employees to work from home. Some companies are hiring remote team members by choice.

Remote work has a lot of benefits. Along with saving a lot of infrastructure costs for the company, it saves remote employees considerable commuting time. It gives them the flexibility to get work done while spending more time with family and friends. With the professional world slowly moving from micro-managing employees to monitoring efficiencies, it is not long before remote working becomes the norm rather than the exception.
Though remote working is convenient for a lot of people, everyone will not have the infrastructure that an office space provides for them to organize and plan their work properly. Companies may not be comfortable offering the option of working from home to people if they cannot provide the right kind of tools to ensure the efficiency and productivity of a distributed team.
At Ballistic Domains, we recognize the need for effective collaboration within a distributed team and offer a range of tools to facilitate remote collaboration.

Remote work tools from Ballistic Domains

Webmail Service

Our webmail solution helps companies and their remote workforce stay connected with each other. Having excellent webmail services can make it easy for companies to co-ordinate with their employees and ensure that all work flows seamlessly. Our webmail packages provide effective communication tools to individuals, small businesses, and enterprises.

Online Calendar Services

A calendar is perhaps the most essential collaboration tool –, especially for a distributed team. Remote employees can share tasks, schedule meetings, check time availability on shared calendars, and more. Employees who work from an office space generally tend to meet at least once a day to plan and organize their entire day and work week. While this may not be possible while working remotely, our online calendar can help managers and team members organize and host meetings, interviews, webinars, and other events that are required to support the smooth running of the organization remotely.

Online Storage

As a remote worker, sharing your work with your team members and employers online becomes essential. This makes online cloud storage another important remote working tool that is becoming essential for both companies and individuals. With lots of data-driven documents to store, it will not be possible for individuals to store everything in their system’s hardware. Having adequate online storage enables people to store all their data on the cloud. Another advantage is anyone from the company can retrieve the data as long as they have access to it.

Why Choose Ballistic Domains?

As a domain registrar and web hosting company, we maintain the highest standards when it comes to webmail services. We understand that different types of users will have different requirements, and hence have a variety of packages to choose from.

More About Ballistic Domains

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