Dedicated Hosting IP

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What is a Dedicated Hosting IP?

When you choose a dedicated hosting IP, you will have a unique internet protocol (IP) address that is assigned exclusively to your hosting account. Business hosting accounts are primary the ones that have a dedicated hosting IP.
A shared hosting account also has an IP. However, it is a shared IP. Even though most server management solutions like FTP access, SSL certificates, a control panel, etc., comes with a shared hosting plan, one of the major differentiators is that a shared hosting plan isn’t eligible for a dedicated IP.

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Dedicated Hosting IP Packages from Ballistic Domains

Dedicated IP

Dedicated Hosting IP

$2.99 / per month

Build your business on its own unique IP address.

  • FTP Account Access
  • Accepts SSL Certificate

Dedicated Hosting IP Benefits

Web hosting comes with an array of options, and if you think dedicated hosting may be the right fit to get away from sharing your IP, you will find some benefits of choosing a dedicated IP below.

Can Benefit E-mail

If you have an e-mail address that is associated with your domain name, you would be sending e-mails through your email host. If the email hosting plan you have is through a shared server and IP address, it can, in some circumstances, potentially cause issues with your e-mail. When you have a shared IP someone else using that IP could get it blacklisted or banned and that can have a negative halo effect on your business. Having your dedicated IP will ensure that you will not run into issues like this with your e-mail addresses and account.

It is a Requirement of Some Apps

If your server has a unique setup,specificweb applications, and scripts that are needed to run your website, you may need a dedicated IP address.Some applications do not run with an IP address that is shared. A dedicated IP address may be a requirement for some of the apps to run and for your website or application to run properly.

Some SSL Certificates Require it

Some SSL certificates call for a dedicated IP for installation and set up. Other SSL certificates may just require an SNI for instillation; this will all depend upon the hosting configuration and needs of your website.

Easy Web Access

There can be times in your business that you will want to access your website directly with an FTP. With a dedicated IP, you can access with an FTP at any time. A dedicated IP allows this FTP access without having to change the DNS settings of your domain.

Better Server Control

Having a dedicated IP gives you more options for server control. It can simulate a dedicated server and provide you with more server customization features that may be required by your web applications.

It is Beneficial for Business Identity

Having a dedicated IP and an SSL certificate means you will not have to use a third-party to collect payments for your business or e-commerce store. This allows your domain to stand on its own feet and collect payments independently. This will help provide peace of mind to your customers as it will be harder for spammers to get their hands on customer’s information.

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