Windows Hosting Advantages

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Does Windows server hosting have any advantages over other operating systems? When should you opt for a Windows based hosting option?

Web hosting operating systems have evolved over the years and there isn’t much to choose between operating systems for most web hosting requirements. Every operating system comes with its own advantages and limitations. Deciding which one suits your needs the most is an important. This article explores the advantages of Windows server hosting.

What is Windows Server Hosting?

Simply put, it is when the web server of your web hosting company runs on the Windows operating system. Windows is one of the leading web hosting operating systems along with Linux. A few years ago, Linux was considered the preferred web hosting operating system because of its security features. However, over the years, not only has the Windows server operating system evolved, it now offers a host of advantages depending on your web hosting needs and requirements.

Advantages of Windows Server Hosting

The main advantages of hosting on a Windows server are:

  • The .NET framework
  • Development
  • Ease of use
  • Scalability
  • .ASP and dynamically database driven pages
  • Front page extensions
  • Access compatibility
  • Updates

Each of these is explained below

Windows Hosting Advantage 1: The .NET framework

Only Windows hosting supports the Visual Basic or .NET programming framework. The familiarity of Visual Basic in the programming world gives the .NET framework an edge for websites that need to run applications developed on the .NET framework or if you have functionality in your website that is developed using Visual Basic.

Windows Hosting Advantage 2: Development

Since Windows as well as Visual Basic are such familiar environments, it is easier to find developers who are familiar with these development platforms. This means that developing applications, web functionality, etc., is easier if your website is hosted under the Windows hosting environment.

Windows Hosting Advantage 3: Ease of use

Another advantage of the familiarity of the Windows operating system is ease of use. Since Windows is the most familiar operating system developers who are already familiar with the Windows operating system will be able to manage a Windows based server with far more ease.

Windows Hosting Advantage 4: Scalability

A good website grows over time. It takes on a personality and represents your organization online. For this to happen effortlessly, it is important that your website and its hosting platform are scalable. For a web server, this means the ability to adapt to new platforms. The Windows operating system is compatible with the most commonly used programming platforms like PHP and MySQL. This provides a windows hosting platform with the necessary scalability.

Windows Hosting Advantage 5: .ASP and dynamically database driven pages

More and more websites are moving towards a dynamic environment. The need to create pages on the fly and cater to dynamically generated content is increasingly becoming essential. The Windows server operating system is compatible with Active Server Pages (.ASP) and other database driven pages.

Windows Hosting Advantage 6: Front page extensions

Microsoft Front Page is one of the more popular web design solutions. Since both the Windows hosting operating system and Front Page are created by Microsoft, a Windows hosting solution ensures compatibility with Front Page extensions and its other features.

Windows Hosting Advantage 7: Access compatibility

Databases are a common element in websites these days. If you intend to use Access for the database functionality of your website, then it is most compatible with a Windows hosting solution. With the options in Access, the seamless integration with the Windows hosting operating system makes the database integration smoother and easier.

Windows Hosting Advantage 8: Updates

Microsoft provides frequent updates for the Windows server operating system. Many consider the Microsoft updates and support to be unmatched and this alone gives the Windows hosting platform an edge.

However, you need to evaluate the needs of your website and the technologies it would need to use before finalizing the operating system it needs to be hosted on. If your website’s functionality seems to integrate best with a Windows hosting solution, you can select from a host of Windows based hosting packages offered by Ballistic Domains.

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