What is a Domain Name Server?

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In order to understand domain name servers, it is first important to understand the need for a domain name server. Starting with the very basics: The internet is a network of inter-connected computers. Since computers do not understand English or any other commonly used language, it needs a method by which it would understand the domain name of your website. In other words, www.YourDomain.com would mean nothing to a computer or internet server.

For computers to understand your request, all domain names need to be translated into a string of numbers, called IP addresses. IP addresses look something like this:

For the common internet user, remembering a string of numbers would not be as easy as it would be to remember a domain name. That is why we have easy to remember domain names that humans can request and each domain name has a corresponding IP address that computers understand. But for this to work, every request for a domain needs to be somehow translated into its corresponding IP address that computers on the internet understand. This is where domain name servers come in.

Domain Name Servers

Domain name servers translate the common English domain name we request into its corresponding IP address, so that computers on the internet can understand the request. A domain name server is like a directory that contains a list of domain names and their corresponding IP addresses. Domain Name Servers are also called Name Servers, Domain Name System Servers or DNS Servers.

How Domain Name Servers Work

A central registry stores information from all the domain name servers around the world. When a new domain is registered anywhere in the world, it takes between 8 and 48 hours for this information to be updated in the central registry.

Once the main registry is updated, domain name servers around the world get access to this information from the central registry and can then translate the domain name requested and understand the IP address that corresponds to it.

When a domain name is registered, it needs at least two domain name servers. These are usually ns1.nameservername.com and ns2.nameservername.com, where “nameservername” is the actual name of the server where your website resides.

The first domain name server is also called the primary name server, while the second domain name server is called the secondary name server and acts as a contingency back-up server that comes into effect only if and when the first name server is not responding for any reason.

Registering a Domain Name Server

There are certain steps you need to follow to register a domain name. While these may vary marginally between different domain registrars, the broad steps are indicated below. Let’s say you want to register a .com name server for your domain name. The following basic steps need to be followed:

  • When you register a domain name, you usually get an account with the domain registration company. You would then log into your account with the registrar
  • Once you log in, you will next see an option to manage your domain names within your account console
  • Select the domain name for which you would like to register a domain name server. This will open a page for managing the domain
  • On this page, select “add name server” under the domain name server details section
  • Enter the name and IP address of the new name server followed by “Add”
  • You should then get a confirmation message indicating that you have added a new name server Once registered, you can usually start using the new name server immediately.

Domain Name Registration with Ballistic Domains

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