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Wordpress Hosting Plans From Ballistic Domains

There are many free and paid blog hosting options available to those who want to create a blog as opposed to a static website. The advantage of using a blog over a static website is that a blog can evolve and grow over a period of time, and can be simpler to update and post to than a static website — especially for non-technical people who want a medium for expressing themselves on the web.

What is a blog host?

When you create a blog, you need space on a web server for your blog. This space is provided by many blog hosting solution providers. Blogger and WordPress are the most popular free blog hosts. However, with free blog hosts, your blog’s address would be something like: and not the preferred name. Another disadvantage of a free blog host is that many require you to display advertisements that you have no control over. If questionable advertisements appear along with your blog posts, it can cause serious damage to your image and reputation.

In order to get a domain name that does not have your blog hosting provider’s name in it and to have full control over advertising on your blog, you need to host your blog with a paid blog hosting service provider.

This is where a blog host comes in. Blog hosting service providers who provide space and necessary infrastructure on their servers to store your blog. Where blog hosts like Ballistic Domains are different from other web hosting service providers is that most provide you the necessary blogging software necessary to design, create and publish your blog as well.

Many blog hosts also provide you with templates and layouts for your blog that you can use to design your blog. In most cases, you can even customize the templates to match the look and functionality you need for your blog.

Flexible blog hosting options

When they first came into existence, blogs (or weblogs) were primarily comprised of text posts. With advancement in technology, bandwidth and changing expectations, blogs have also evolved to include picture and video galleries, personal and corporate blogs, and more. Having the flexibility to incorporate all the features you need in your blog is essential when you consider a blog hosting provider. The cost of blog hosting with these features and flexibility is negligible as compared to the compromises you would otherwise have to make with a free blog host.

Blog Hosting Services from Ballistic Domains

Ballistic Domains is among the leading web and blog hosting service providers with a difference. Thanks to our scale of operations, we are able to extend a cost benefit to our customers that most big brand hosting solutions do not. As a hosting service provider, Ballistic Domains also recognizes that the need of every client is unique and to meet these needs, we offer various types of hosting options that are customizable to your needs. In effect, what you get a blog host who will give you solutions that meet your blog’s need, with far more personal attention than you would get from a bigger brand, and at a significantly lower cost. Why pay more for blog hosting when you can get cheap blog hosting that is also markedly better than what’s available online?

Before you decide on your blog host, talk to us about your needs and be surprised at how cheap blog hosting from Ballistic Domains can actually be loaded with features and goodies that you won’t get at a higher price from most blog hosts.

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