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Dot MX is the internet country code top-level domain for Mexico. This domain extension was reopened for new registrations in 2009.

The registrations for this domain were rolled out in three steps:

  • The Sunrise Period when people who had already registered a dot MX second-level domain name could register their domain for a year
  • Waiting Period for setting up all domains registered during the Sunrise Period
  • Initial Registration Period when anyone can purchase a new dot MX domain name on a first come-first served basis for only a year.

This domain extension is ideal for anyone who wants to enter the Mexican market and establish an online presence in the country.

Mexico has seen a lot of digital growth in the past few years. A lot of people depend on the internet for different kinds of information. One of the best ways to gain your target audience’s trust in Mexico is by registering a Dot MX domain name for your website.

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Advantages of Choosing a Dot MX Domain

  • Allows you to establish a local presence in the country.
  • Indicates you are committed to your local customers.
  • Simple to register. Anyone can register a Dot MX domain name.
  • You can register it for up to five years. This means you won’t have to worry about renewals for at least five years after purchasing it.
  • Easily available as many people register a Dot MX domain name. So it is readily available. You won’t have to wait long periods to purchase any particular domain name with this extension.

A wide variety of subdomains

  • (actually unrestricted)
  • (registration limited to qualifying entities)
  • (registration limited to qualifying entities)
  • (registration NOT limited to qualifying entities)
  • (registration limited to qualifying entities)
  • Federal, State or Municipal Governmental entities only

Little known domain fact

While many domain names and subdomains have registration restriction, .mx and does not!

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