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Initially introduced in 1984, the .org domain extension is an abbreviation of the word “organization.” It is considered the ideal domain extension for non-profit organizations and bodies and is today the third most commonly used domain extension after .com and .net.

If you are looking for a top-level domain, a .org could be the right choice for you.
The Public Interest Registry (PIR) was established in January 2003. ICANN recognizes PIR as the official registry for all websites registered with the .org extension.

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How is the .org extension used?

When it was first created, it was a restricted domain extension reserved for the non-commercial community, including government bodies, network service providers and educational establishments, universities, etc. Today, the .org domain extension is one of the unrestricted TLDs and was established as a global extension in 1995. In other words, the .org extension is today available to any individual or organization anywhere in the world. However, when people see a .org domain name, they commonly understand it to be a website of a non-profit organization or body. If yours is a commercial enterprise that uses a .org extension, you might be inadvertently suggesting to your target audience that yours is a non-profit establishment.

Registering a Dot Org Domain Made Simple

Are you starting a new website? Are you confused with the jargon and the process of registering a domain name? It is quite a simple process, and this article will try and demystify the process of registering a domain name. Most domain name registration services have made this process virtually pain free. Registering your domain name at Ballistic Domains, for instance, is just a matter of picking the name of your choice and making an online payment. It is as simple as that.

Tips for registering a domain name

Start with a list. . Make a list of possible names that can be a good representation of your business. Choose names for easy access. Having a list of alternative domain names helps in the case your first pick has already been taken by someone else.
Choose what level of domain and the domain extension you want: While .com is the most preferred domain extension, good domain names with the .com extension are scarce. As such, you may want to consider domain extensions like .org, .net, and your country-specific domain extensions.

  • Contact information – Make sure you have a valid email address. You can opt for private domain registration where your identity is kept private. However, you need an email ID for correspondence with your domain registrar.
  • Decide on the duration – A domain name can be registered for just one year or up to ten years. You need to decide the length you want to register your domain name for. Registering for multiple years usually saves money overall and reduces the chance of missing a renewal date the following year. You want to make sure you secure the use of your domain for as many years as you think necessary. Some feel that a new business should only register a domain name for two years and then start renewing for longer periods if the business is still going strong.
  • Payment Methods – Have your credit card ready. Many companies allow you to use a check or money order, but the fastest payment method is paying with a credit or debit card. Make sure this is a secure transaction! Paying with the fastest method safeguards you against the chance that your domain name might get registered by someone else while your payment is in transit.
  • Lock your domain name – Locking secures your domain name and prevents anyone from transferring your domain to another registrar. Make sure you read carefully all links that are provided upon registration. Most domain registrars lock your domain, but some won’t if you don’t specify that you want to do so.

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