Dot Live Domain Names


If you live stream content to your users, then a dot Live domain name is perfect for you. It helps to connect your audience to your events and programs as and when it is happening.

Who Can Use a Dot Live Domain?

Any individual or company that creates real-time content can use the dot live domain like:

  • Musicians
  • Media broadcasters
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Sports Leagues
  • Digital Event Providers
  • Internet Chefs
  • Real-Time Gaming Leagues
  • Schools That Provide Video Instructions Online

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Advantages of Choosing a Dot Live Domain

A wide variety of subdomains

Your individual live-streaming brand can get lost in long URLs and domain extensions.
Having a dot Live domain can help you promote your channel and build your brand.

The domain itself acts as a simple Call To Action

Imagine you have planned a live stream and need to inform your followers about it through a long URL. Not many people may remember the date and time of the livestream, or the URL. Giving your followers a simple URL with a dot Live extension can help them remember the URL easily and help them remember the details of the stream.

Lets you share real-time updates with followers.

A dot Live domain helps you brand your site and share any updates that you may have for your followers in real-time.

It is easy to redirect anytime you need

The social media environment is continually changing, and it is possible that the live streaming URL you are using may get outdated. In such situations, you may end up losing followers if you ask them to start following you on a completely different platform. Having a dot live URL will be useful at such times as you can easily redirect it to a new location.

Little known domain fact

.Live was one of the many new GItds that were issued by ICANN at the beginning of 2014.

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