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Becoming a Domain Name Reseller

Become A Domain ResellerBecoming a domain name reseller is one of the most profitable internet businesses. Many people are on the hunt for an established domain to get their company off the ground. As a domain reseller having a group of established domains can help bring in customers. Selling domains are pretty simple so long as you know the proper steps to follow. At Ballistic Domains, we are here for your reselling domain names, as well as all of your other domain needs. For more information about our affordable out of this world, services contact us today!

Sole Discretion

You will need to ensure before entering into reselling a domain that you have sole discretion. You do not want to attempt to sell a domain that does not solely belong to you. This could lead to costly attorney’s fees.

Reseller Benefits

Becoming a domain name reseller can be very beneficial to you. It can increase your revenue stream, expand opportunities, grow your customer base, and be an exciting ever-changing business venture.

What you Need to Know to Resell Domain Names

Reseller Hosting Account

One of the first things you will need is a domain reseller account. You will need to find an accredited ICANN company with registrar services that have reseller hosting capabilities. This is the account you will use to advertise and transfer the domains you sell. Once you register for a reseller account, you will be generated a CRN (customer reference number) ID that your customers can use to find you.

Reselling Plan

You will need to find a domain host to get a domain name reseller plan or reseller program through. We have many affordable packages to fit you and your reseller needs. If you would like more information on domain reselling plans and pricing contact us today!

Set Your Prices

Depending on the level of the domain you have to sell they can sell from a few dollars, up to thousands of dollars. It all depends on the type of domain name, from the length and spelling of the name, the domain extensions, if it is a second-level domain, a TLD (top-level domain) or a country-level domain. When you are starting out, you might place a few domains up for auction, and from there you will get a better feel of what each domain goes for and set your prices based on that information.

Promote Your Domains

You will need to create a site to advertise the domains you have for sale. As with any website, you will need to make sure your domain is registered and ready for use. On your website, you should list all of the domains you have for sale, and you might include a little bit about each domain. Some things you might include are existing domain traffic, site authority, and a link to the domain itself.

Registered Domains

You may also want to check that none of your domains you are trying to sell are expired. You can have better luck selling your domains if they are active. You can check with your current domain registrar or web hosting company to check the status of your domains. If you have an expired domain to make it active, you will need to back through domain name registration.

Personal Data

Before reselling a domain, you will also want to make sure any personal information is not connected with the domain. For example, you might check that no card information is stored within the domain and that all e-mail addresses have been removed.



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