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Website Creation

The skills required for website creation are specialized and not easily obtained. Thankfully, there are website creation tools and applications that can automate this process to a great extent and make website creation much easier for the masses. There are two levels of tools that can be used. Those that are template based, and then there are those that are stand alone programs.

Stand Alone Website Creation Tools

Stand alone applications offer the most flexibility in creating a custom website. There are a number of stand alone website creation tools that allow for the coding of a website from scratch. There are also website creation tools that are specialized in one aspect of website creation – there are those applications that will let you perform the actual coding of the website, applications for image manipulation, and applications that allow for animation, etc.

A great application to use for the base coding of a website is Adobe Dreamweaver. Adobe Dreamweaver was one of the original complete suites that offered a standard feature-set for website creation. This software will allow you to have a graphical interface, syntax color, and debugging tools. For image manipulation, the most popular software is Adobe Photoshop. This software offers the most extensive feature set. However, it is hard to use and also quite expensive. A good, free alternative is GIMP. For animation, a great tool to use is Adobe Flash.

Stand alone website creation tools are designed for use by professionals in website design, image manipulation, animation and website development. As such, they are not the easiest to use and require a certain level of technical know-how. However, these tools are not very difficult to learn. If you can invest the time and effort to acquire the technical know-how, then these website creation tools allow the greatest degree of customization and flexibility in creating your website.

Template Based Website Creation Tools

The template based website creation tools are much easier of the two to use. Template based solutions for website creation are often services offered by web hosting companies. These offer a choice of already existing design templates that you can select from for your website. These are meant for the novice and the completely non-technical people and need to be extremely easy to use and modify.

In order to use a template based website creation service, you will likely need to sign up for an annual or monthly service plan. However, the very little cost involved in these services is one of the key selling points.

While many of the templates based website creation services allow you to customize the selected template, the level of customization is limited and far inferior to that of a stand alone application. However, the template based website creation services are substantially simpler to use and you need to have absolutely no technical knowledge to be able to create your own website using these services.

Website Tonight

Website Tonight, is a template based website creation service offered by Ballistic Domains. It is a great way to experience a template based website creation system. The great thing about a template based system is that you can create a website by just spending a few hours. If you don’t like the results, reset the template and start again. Creative freedom can easily be exercised here without fear of ruining a web site that cost thousands of dollars to have designed. Website Tonight gives you complete control over the look and feel, navigation and content of your website. There are no limitations on how much content you can add to your site and since you are the creator, Website Template allows you the freedom to translate your business vision directly into a fully functional website – without spending thousands of dollars!

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