Renew SSL Certificates

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Why Renew SSL Certificates?

The importance of website security is only increasing. With both mobile internet usage and cybercrime on the rise, security concerns are increasing. SSL security is necessary not only when people log into your site or do a transaction, but also to provide a secure browsing environment. Not having an active SSL certificate will hurt your website traffic and business.

All of our SSL certificate packages are good for a year at a time — as they are with most SSL certificate providers. If you haven’t set up an auto-renew, then you need to renew your SSL certificate to make sure it continues to protect your website and visitors.
At Ballistic Domains, we make the SSL certificate renewal process smooth and hassle-free. You can continue with your current package, or renew with a different package option. We understand that a lot can change in a year, so we have options built to fit your site’s SSL needs!


If you dont already have an SSL certificate or need a new one, buy one below!

Ballistic Domains SSL Certificate Packages

Whether you are looking for a new SSL certificate or need to renew an existing SSL certificate that is about to expire – and whether your need is for a single domain or multiple domains, we have affordable packages to fit all your needs. Though some companies may offer free SSL certificate options, you want to choose a package that will ensure certificate authority, which a free SSL will likely not do.

How Does the SSL Certificate Work?

  • Connection: Once the TCP connection begins the SSL certificate initiates what is known as the SSL handshake to establish SSL connection.
  • Sending the Certificate: The server will then send the certificate to the user with specifications. These specifications will include which encryption methods are used, the version of the SSL or TLS certificate, etc.
  • Certificate Validation: The user will then check the validity of the certificate and choose the highest available level of encryption to use based on what is supported by both parties, then beginning the secure session. The sessions are also known as cipher suites.
  • Authenticity and Integrity: An additional authentication process will begin using code known as MAC to ensure authenticity and integrity. Though this process sounds pretty lengthy, it happens nearly instantaneously.

Why Do You Still Need an SSL Certificate?

As you likely know at this stage, an SSL is a secure sockets layer certificate. Having an SSL enables you to have encrypted communication between the web browser your visitors use, and your web server. Having a secured site eases the mind of your visitors and customers when it comes to their proprietary information. If your site is not secure, they are going to be less likely to re-visit your site and continue their business with you. With mobile internet usage increasing, so are hacking, identity theft, and other types of malicious attacks on websites. The importance of having an SSL certificate has only increased with time because it impacts many aspects of your business:


Google and other search engines are more likely to rank your site higher if you have an SSL certificate from a credible certification authority. Search engine algorithms evaluate website security and credibility to ensure you are legitimate and that your site will not be harmful to visitors. If you have an online store, no matter how great your product is, without an SSL certificate, your site is not likely to rank well.

Conversion Rates

As a business and website owner, one of the things you think about is how to convert visitors into customers. A site with an SSL certificate will have a secured emblem on it, showing visitors their information is secured, making them more likely to purchase a product or service from you. If your site is running on an expired certificate or doesn’t have a current certificate, even the latest web browsers alert potential visitors that visiting the site could be a security threat. This warning is guaranteed to steer potential customers away from your site and impact conversion rates and business.


Having a secured domain is going to help you gain and build trust with your visitors regardless of the device they use to access the web (laptop or mobile) or the browser they use. Having a trusting relationship with your potential customers is critical to keep them coming back.

Secured Data

We live in a world full of hackers looking to get their handson the information they can use.Some do so through a man-in-the-middle attack where they intercept the data while a transaction is taking place and steal identity, credit card info, and other data. Having an SSL certificate means the proprietary information on your site will be secured. The data will be encrypted, making it that much harder to be taken and used by a hacker. Do not leave yourself and your consumers vulnerable, get encryption for your data, and gain SSL certificate authority.

Why Choose Ballistic Domains

More About Ballistic Domains

At Ballistic Domains, we pride ourselves in our out of this world SSL services! If you are looking to renew your SSL certificate, or to get an SSL certificate for the first time, we are here to help you secure your customer’s personal information.We have SSL packages to fit your needs from our wildcard SSL certificate to our standard SSL package we have something to fit everyone’s needs! Don’t end up with an expired certificate; contact us today to get your trusted certificate issued!

24/7 Mission Control Support

Are you experiencing a certificate error? Do not worry, at Ballistic Domains — unlike some other SSL certificate providers — we provide 24/7 access to mission control to help with SSL needs from browser to server, from connection to SSL certificate errors, and from premium to wildcard certificates!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Unlike many of our earthly competitors, we provide a money-back guarantee. That’s how confident we are that you will feel secure with our SSL certificates.

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