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For any beginner entrepreneur, wishing to go online, it is crucial to get familiar with some important web hosting terms used in the website hosting industry. One of the biggest issues users face when it comes to web hosting is lack of good knowledge about various hosting terms. The insecurity or fear of such unknown terms often turns a lot of users away.

In order to help you make a viable and well-informed decision regarding selecting the best website hosting package, here is the list of some very important web hosting terminologies you must know-

  • Bandwidth – It essentially implies how much of information one can download from the server. Websites which are large in size and contain lots of downloadable content require a considerably higher bandwidth in comparison to any web page with some simple text. The bandwidth amount offered by the web hosting companies varies as per the different hosting packages.
  • Database – It is a simple file that contains structured and organized information like music, pictures and many more. The main purpose of any database is allowing users to organize and structure information for easy access. A self-hosted blog on WordPress is one such example which needs a database to function.
  • File hosting – It is a process which allows the users to upload images and content online. File hosting is quite a simple process even for the beginners. The server works like a computer which saves the various files, which have been uploaded by the user, on a hard drive. This information then becomes easily accessible to a user who visits this assigned www address. Thus with a simple click, users can successfully upload images and files online and share this content in an easy manner.
  • Disk space – Well, this web hosting terminology refers to “virtual floorspace” given to you by the web hosting firm. Depending on your website’s size, you may need less or more space. A lot of people begin with a smaller account and subsequently expand it whenever needed. Most users do not even completely use the disk space provided to them from their web hosting company.
  • Web stats – They provide you with an important insight into your website visitor’s behavior. Studying the stats carefully is quite useful in many ways and thus one must make sure to check them at least a single time in a week. It can help you to know what actually attracts people who visit your website and what are the things that repel them.
  • Control panel – It is a web-based application included in a web hosting package that enables you to efficiently manage various aspects of the account you have. Most of the control panels would let you change contact details, upload files, set up databases or shopping carts, view the usage statistics, add the email accounts etc.

These are some of the chief features you must focus on while finalizing any decision on the web services. Thus, next time when you plan to shop for a good web host company, you would already know what web hosting glossary and terms you should be looking for in a web hosting package.

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