SharePoint Hosting and its Advantages

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Microsoft SharePoint is a collection of web based tools and applications for websites. SharePoint includes tools for process management, document management and collaboration, search capabilities and more. SharePoint also provides functionality for hosting websites with support for Wikis and Blogs. With SharePoint, users can either individually add web components or collaboratively manage lists and document libraries.

SharePoint Hosting

SharePoint hosting provides a user friendly way to manage your web resources and offers greater web storage for your web components and documents. Keeping these things on the website allows for easier connectivity and lets everyone update the files easily. SharePoint is an effective solution for creating a virtual collaborative environment across your company. Besides these, SharePoint hosting also has many inherent advantages.

SharePoint Hosting is completely web based

With SharePoint hosting, managing your website does not require the downloading and installation of any software. In other words, you can manage your hosted SharePoint website with just your web browser. Effectively, you can access your online documents from anywhere as long as you have Internet connection. You can share files and documents and allow collaboration without the need for the downloading and installation of any software – by you or by anyone you are collaborating with.

SharePoint Hosting is cost-effective

There is no need to purchase or install any hardware or software for your hosted SharePoint website. For small businesses and low-budget websites, SharePoint offers an extremely cost-effective hosting solution. You can increase the hosting space depending on your needs and as your organization grows.

SharePoint Hosting is Scalable and Flexible

When you use SharePoint hosting, you can create unlimited users with different access rights. This means that you won’t reach a pre-set limit of users. SharePoint Hosting if Hassle Free. Your hosted SharePoint website runs on a managed server under a monitored environment. This means that you do not have to worry about installation, maintenance, updates or upgrades. In turn this not only means a hassle-free hosting environment, it also directly translates into a saving of money, time and resources.

SharePoint offers Seamless Integration

If you already use other Windows-based interfaces like Hosted Exchange with Outlook, browsers and other web applications, then you can seamlessly link your hosted SharePoint with these and several other Windows-based applications like Microsoft Office. This also means a short learning curve that lets you get set and going very quickly. SharePoint lets you Enhance Productivity When different applications are de-centralized, it calls for increased maintenance. With hosted SharePoint, there is a single platform for sharing, working and collaboration. This allows you to accomplish more in less time. Linking modules like calendar, task management, event management, blogs, wikis, polls, etc., also improves team productivity.

SharePoint Provides a Platform for Customization

SharePoint provides a host of templates for common business requirements that can either be directly used or customized to suit your requirements. You can also create your own web-based applications on the hosted SharePoint platform to further enhance efficiency. Synchronize

Contact Lists with SharePoint

SharePoint lets you synchronize the contacts list from outlook and mobiles. If you want to, you can even share these synchronized contact lists with other members of the team that access your hosted SharePoint site.

If you need to collaborate, then SharePoint hosting allows you to not just host a website, but also create and manage a virtual collaborative environment through your website. Contact us to know more about SharePoint hosting services.

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