Domains and Email

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Relationship between domains and email

Along with a business website, a personalized email account has also become extremely important for business owners today. A professional email address is essential for your business correspondence as it is an ideal way to stay connected with your clients and customers, world over.

When someone is considering doing business with you, getting an email back from a free email ID like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc., it doesn’t reflect too well on your business. Most people expect to receive communication from an email from your domain.

Whenever you register a domain name, you are also given email addresses which are connected to that domain. You can create any number of email accounts according to your requirements or the hosting package you signed up for. Using these email addresses may seem like a small change, but it is a change that can be the difference between creating a professional impression and coming across as an unreliable business. A professional domain name and email address can help to make a more professional impression about you and your company than a free email account. Domain name and email services have become very affordable today, making it easier for people to choose one.

Uses of domain name and email

A professional email account can prove useful in many ways:

  • Having a domain name and email hosting service is essential to stay connected with your customers and suppliers that identify with your business/domain name.
  • Having an email address with a domain name allows you to maintain a different account for your professional e-mails.

Benefits of using email with a domain name

An email address with your company domain name has numerous benefits, making it a highly preferred option for business owners:

  • Having an email address, with your company or domain name looks much more professional and reliable, thus building more trust in your brand and business.
  • An email address, containing your own domain name can increase the visibility of your brand
  • Whenever you will share your email address, you will be marketing your brand as well.
  • You can share your email address with business associates and clients and ensure that you will receive only professional emails on that account
  • You can organize your emails better, as you can keep separate your personal and professional email accounts.
  • You can have as many domain names and email addresses as you want depending on the size of your company.
  • Allowing the use of only professional email accounts in your office can help to keep your office database secure and protected.

Limitations of business or domain email

A professional email account definitely has a number of benefits for business owners. However it has some limitations as well:

  • Sharing your password with unreliable sources can lead to theft and misuse of the confidential data
  • Choosing an email service with limited space can limit the number of emails you can receive and store in your email account.

How to get an email address with your domain name?

When you register a domain name and sign up for a web hosting package, you would get an email with access to your website’s control panel. One of the options in the control panel is to create and manage email addresses. You can create as many email addresses from the control panel as your hosting package allows. Once set up, you can start using these email addresses and the email would have your domain name in it.

The numerous benefits of having a professional email account easily surpass the limitations of having one. Not choosing your domain hosting company carefully can pose many problems later. Sometimes it can become difficult to add more email addresses, if you decide to expand your business and work force in the future. Thus it is important to find a reputed and reliable company who can offer you domain name and email hosting services according to your needs. Choosing a good domain name is essential as it is going to figure in your email address as well. Ballistic Domains can help you choose the most appropriate domain names and email addresses for you and your team.

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