Domain Hosting Explained

Wordpress Hosting Plans From Ballistic Domains

Domain hosting is a term used to describe connecting your domain name to a hosting account to allow a website to run on that hosting account that is pointed to by that domain. Perhaps the example below would better describe domain hosting more clearly.

Say you have domain name and you have a website designed and coded and already to go. Do you think that’s all that you need? Afraid not. You need domain hosting for your website so that it can run and be found on the web and can accept requests to show its web pages to web browsers around the world.

Domain hosting also allows you to run email services for your domain. This gives you the ability send and receive emails at the domain name you have registered and also setup whatever email accounts you want at that domain. The better hosting companies that do domain hosting also provide you with webmail for your domain (like yahoo mail or hotmail), so that you have no email clients (programs) to setup and configure on your computer. The added benefit of this is that you can also get to your domain hosted email via ANY computer connected to the web, whether at school or libraries or work, rather than just the computer you have your email programming running on, say at home.

When selecting a company for domain hosting you may want to also check how many websites you can share on a single hosting plan. Using domain hosting for multiple websites can save you money, but there is a drawback, you will have to monitor your storage and bandwidth usage far more closely with multiple domain hosting as all domains hosted will be sharing the same total bandwidth and storage limits that the entire account has. For multiple domain hosting if you find a great company like Ballistic Domains, with great customer support and reasonable domain hosting prices, it may be a safer bet to have separate domain hosting accounts.

Ballistic Domains offers domain hosting that includes a lot of extra features;

  • 24×7 Live Person Support
  • Online Help Centers
  • 24×7 FTP access
  • World-Class Data Centers
  • Daily Backups
  • Best-of-Breed Routers, Firewalls and Servers
  • Web site statistics
  • FREE Email Addresses

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