Shared Web Hosting Benefits

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The vast majority of the websites are information sites that do not get the volume of traffic to merit the need for a dedicated server. As such, shared web hosting is adequate for most websites. Simply put, shared hosting means that you share the server where your website is hosted with other websites. When you get a shared hosting account with a web hosting company, they place your website on one of their servers that also hosts many other websites like yours at the same time.

The connection of the server to the internet, the space on the server’s hard disc and other operational resources of the server are shared by the websites that are hosted on the server. This brings down the cost of hosting a website considerably. But that isn’t the only advantage of a shared hosting account. Given below are some of the shared hosting benefits:

Shared Hosting = Affordable Hosting

Cost is clearly the biggest benefit of getting a shared hosting account. As mentioned above, since the server space, its connection to the web and other server resources are shared by the various websites hosted on the server, it brings down the hosting cost making a shared hosting account or a shared hosting plan the most affordable of the various hosting options offered by a web hosting company.

Shared Hosting = Hassle-free Server Administration

When you share your server resources with other websites, many of the critical administrative concerns like server security, software updates and data backups get managed by the server administrators. If you opted for your own server, you would have to incur these costs and also be responsible for all of the smooth operation of all of the above. When you get a shared hosting account, your server administrator ensures that your server is running with the optimal resources at any given point in time.

Shared Hosting = Nothing to Install. Nothing to Troubleshoot

Since your hosting service provider’s server administrator ensures the server administration; you do not have to worry about installing the software you need. You do not need to be concerned about troubleshooting if something breaks down. You do not need to worry about backups.

Shared Hosting = Multiple Options

Since the server resources are shared by multiple websites, web hosting companies usually create different shared hosting packages suitable for different needs. This provides you multiple options to pick and choose from the various features offered in different plans. This choice allows you to opt for the hosting package that is most suitable for your website’s needs.

Shared Hosting = Extra Features

Since many websites share the server space; hosting companies tend to make a number of different features available to cater to diverse hosting requirements. This means that many scripts may be available to you for no additional cost. Some of these can include shopping carts, mailing lists, guestbook’s, blogs, databases and more.

Shared Hosting = Flexibility

If you had your own server with all the software you need for your site, you are pretty much locked-in with the platform and server configuration that your website runs on. With a shared hosting account though, migration from one platform to another, adding or deleting features, upgrading or downgrading the server space, etc., are relatively simple and cost effective. This gives you the flexibility to change things around at a later date without incurring huge costs in the bargain.
If you are looking to host your first website, a shared hosting account is a good, low-cost starting point. You can browse through the various shared hosting packages offered by Ballistic Domains and select one that suits your requirements the best. If you need help selecting the best shared hosting option for your needs, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you with your hosting requirements.

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