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The evolution of web technologies has seen the growth of different operating systems and platforms on which you can host your website. The growth of open source web hosting platforms like WordPress, Joomla, etc., has made PHP the most popular and preferred web hosting platform because most of the open source content management systems work on PHP.

However, the sheer ability to handle advanced websites and web based applications built on the ASP platform along with its compatibility with .NET has ensured that ASP host is preferred by those who build advanced websites and web applications.

What is ASP website hosting?

Active Server Pages or ASP is a platform designed for dynamic websites and web applications. ASP web hosting is an advanced solution that facilitates complex websites, including: * dynamic websites * interactive websites * sites that customize to the usage pattern of the visitor accessing the site

ASP Web Hosting Vs PHP Web Hosting

PHP is the preferred platform for most open source content management systems. The PHP and MySQL combination is free and that gives PHP hosting a certain advantage for lower end and cost-effective websites.

ASP web hosting, on the other hand, is preferred by larger organizations that can afford the costs associated with ASP hosting because it is not a free open source platform. Organizations that require advanced functionality in their website, dynamic websites and complex web applications tend to prefer ASP web hosting in spite of its higher cost.

Advantages of ASP Web Hosting

Active Server Pages or ASP technology from Microsoft allows server-side scripting combined with HTML. This allows the creation of dynamic and interactive websites. Using ASP, websites can:

  • Offer a variable response based on user’s preference and or past usage of the site
  • Generate dynamic web pages on the fly
  • Make sure your website displays customized and up to date information
  • Business sites can integrate customer information, databases and web based applications to serve rich, customer-centric, customized information

ASP Web Hosting Support

Most Windows based servers support ASP web hosting. You can create ASP web pages using JScript and Microsoft Visual Basic or VBScript. ASP web hosting companies support all versions of ASP and ASP.NET.

ASP Web Hosting Features

  • Support for Perl, Python, CGI, PHP, Server Side Includes and all the latest web technologies
  • Options to add add-ons like ColdFusion
  • Web-based control panel and WebMail access
  • FTP access
  • Support for e-commerce
  • Email accounts
  • MySQL/Postgresql databases
  • Support for blogs, photo galleries, live chat, discussion forums and more

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