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Whether you own a personal WordPress blog or a business website, if your email address is a free email service provider like, then you look less than professional in the eyes of your peers and customers. Our email hosting services let you have an email address that reads like <yourname>@<yourdomainname>.com.
A range of options from personal email to corporate email services let you pick the best option for your need s. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes.


Professional Email Individual

$4.99 / per month

Ideal for getting your business up and running.

  • Email that matches your domain
  • 10 GB of email storage
  • Mobile-friendly webmail
  • Calendar, contacts and tasks
  • Works with the email app of your choice

Professional Email Team

$5.99 / per month

Great for collaboration with everyone on your team.

  • Email that matches your domain
  • 25 GB of email storage
  • Mobile-friendly webmail
  • Share calendar, contacts and tasks
  • Assign tasks to your team members
  • Works with the email app of your choice

Ballistic Domains Email Server Benefits

At Ballistic Domains, we maintain our mail server at data centers on par with the best in the world. With features no other email hosting provider can match, our hosted email services can help you stand apart from the competition.

Virus and Spam Protection

Our mail servers are set up with industry standard spam filtering and anti-virus solutions that protect your emails from the spam and virus menace. You can block specific IP addresses to prevent unsolicited messages or spam mail. Since IP addresses are unique to the sender much like a fingerprint,our mail servers can typically detect when an IP address is fake.


Our control panel lets you customize your mail the way you want to. Set custom email signatures to promote your brand. You can even brand the login screen of our built-in webmail client. Our mail servers can be configured to place your email messages into various folders like inbox, sent mail, promotions, and spam folders.


We have plans that include unlimited storage for your email. We understand that as a business you likely receive hundreds of emails a day, many of which you may need to hang on to and keep. With a large or unlimited storage capacity, you do not have to worry about losing your important messages. You can upgrade at any stage giving you complete flexibility to adjust your email plan to suit your growing needs.

Complete Control

Your email hosting account gets you access to a fully functional control panel through which you can control almost all your mail server settings. Setup additional email accounts, set aliases, create custom email IDs and groups, set mailbox limits, create auto-responder emails, configure email client software or use our webmail client and more. Of course, you can access your mail from computers and mobile devices alike. You will be in full control of your email account at all times.


Our dedicated mail server hosted at industry standard data centers give you unmatched speed whether you are receiving or sending messages.The speed of our hosted email service is significantly faster than any free email provider like Gmail.


Unsolicited advertising messages can be as much of a nuisance as spam. Free e-mail services monetize their service by placing advertising messages in your mailboxes. Our mail servers give you ad-free email accounts. Which means you won’t be inundated with unwanted advertisements.


All our feature-rich email hosting plans come at affordable price points . Whether you are an individual or a business, you won’t ever have to pay a heavy price for our services.

Integrated Services

We provide end-to-end services from domain registration and web hosting to web security and the tools you need to build your own website. All our services are seamlessly integrated providing ease of use, configuration, and management.

Why Choose Ballistic Domains

Besides flexible hosting plans, Ballistic Domains provides 24/7 customer support and money back guarantee – something few, if any, of our competitors, can match.

More About Ballistic Domains

Ballistic Domains is more than just an email hosting provider. Our range of products and services include domain registration, web hosting, website security, anti-virus, and anti-spam protection, tools to build your website, and more.

24/7 Mission Control Support

Unlike some other email providers, we understand you could be sending or receiving emails at all times and can need help at any time of the day or night. We have experts on stand-by 24/7 to help answer all of your questions.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Unlike any other earthly hosting provider, we are so confident in our email hosting services that we offer a money-back guarantee!

All you need to know about email servers and email hosting solutions

What is a Mail Server?

An email server often referred to as a mail server and consists of three mail types for incoming and outgoing servers – POP and IMAP for incoming messages and SMTP for outgoing messages.
A mail server is essentially a virtual post office. Your email account gets you the storage space you sign up for, and emails are stored in this space. Email users are allowed to set rules for how messages are handled. You can create email accounts for different members of your organization. Your email server ensures emails are routed to the respective accounts. You can create a “catch-all” to receive emails sent to misspelled email IDs or to email accounts that have been deleted.
A mail server is also made up of communications modules that handle the transfer of messages from various mail servers and clients. Mail servers also come equipped with filters that prohibit duplicate messages from being sent or received.

Types of Mail Servers

Mail servers are grouped into two main categories; an incoming mail server, and an outgoing mail server. An outgoing mail server is also known as Simple Transfer Mail Protocol Servers or an SMTP. An incoming mail server comes in two primary forms, Post Office Protocol Version 3 or POP3, and Internet Message Protocol or IMAP. Both IMAP or POP have the capability to store messages on other servers, which many people find convenient.

What Happens to Messages?

After the server has received the email, it is stored in a virtual mailbox hosted by the email service provider until the user takes the necessary steps to access their emails. Your messages will stay in the virtual mailbox until the recipient uses their email and checks for new messages. When the email checks the server for new messages for that user the program then sends the messages to the email client. Depending on the settings, emails can either be deleted from the server or a copy can be retained there.