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Today, the .co domain extension is considered a direct alternative to the more popular .com extension. But it wasn’t always that way.
Way back, when domain names were first made available to the public, there were seven top-level domain extensions offered: .com, .org, .net, .info, .edu, .gov and .mil. EDU, GOV, and MIL were restricted – only educational universities, US government, and Military bodies could register these respectively.

The others were available to the public to buy. The dot com (.com) extension soon emerged as the most popular and in-demand extension for businesses.
The ideal domain name for your website should be the brand name of your business. With over a billion websites and new websites coming up everyday, most of the better names with a .com extension have already been taken. In such a situation, what can a business do? Opting for a .co domain name extension for your website may be a good option.

Domain Search

As someone who is looking to build a business website, you want to ensure that your online presence reflects your brand correctly and that you are easily accessible in search engines. As such, choosing a domain extension that fits you or your business well is vital.
The ‘co’ in a .co (dot co) domain stands for a company, and the com in a .com domain stands for ‘commercial.’ So, effectively, .co is a direct alternative to a .com domain, making it a good option for a business website. Technically, .co is also a country-code domain for the country of Columbia, but today, it is also seen as another one of the many generic top-level domains out there and is considered to be synonymous with a company.
.co is short and easy to remember. The .co domain names are typically more expensive than a .com domain, as they are not as popular. You may have to pay a little more to set yourself apart from the competition, but this additional cost is negligible considering the benefits your business can gain if you can register a domain name that is consistent with your business branding.
Originally, .co was intended to be a country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) and meant as a domain extension for a website targeting the country of Columbia. Country-specific domain extensions were mainly used by websites that represent a specific country, and they were limited to that country.
While there are no universal restrictions on the country-code domain extensions, there may be restrictions or qualifying guidelines set by some countries. The use of some of the country-specific domain extensions may require a local presence, citizenship, or some other form of a local connection.
However, today, this TLD is also recognized as a natural alternative to the .com domain extension. Since there are no restrictions on who can choose and register a .co domain, many people use these domain names as a domain for companies or corporations. So, someone who is looking to set up personal websites may want to choose a different domain extension instead of a .co.

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