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What is Domain Parking?

Domain ParkingDomain parking is the capability of having multiple domains under one. For example, if you have (primary domain), you can create (parked domain) under Domain A, and you can have the same information from load when someone visits Domain B can also share the same domain statistics as Domain A. This allows you to advertise multiple domains, all while still getting your main contact across. However, you can have separate e-mail addresses under each domain. Parking your domain can be beneficial to you and your company and your website visitors. If you would like to explore domain parking services, we at Ballistic Domains can help! We have affordable options for all of your domain needs, including domain name parking no matter how big or small! Contact us today for more information on how to make us your domain parking provider!

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Domain Parking Benefits


At Ballistic Domains, we can help you turn your unused domains into usable dollars through PPC. We can help you earn money!

Type-In Traffic

Turning your unused domains into parked domains helps route your type-in traffic to your main site. Thus, providing you with more traffic and more revenue.


This helps grow your traffic by taking the visitors that are visiting your incomplete sites to see your best content and keywords. This can also help you with ranking in your relative space.

Domain Parking verses Parked Domain

If you use a domain registrar, they can park your domain; this, however, is a temporary solution if you don’t have someone who handles your web hosting. We can help you with web hosting, domain names, and with parking your domain.


Parking your domain allows you to have multiple domain names that you can advertise, that lead your visitors to the same place.

Registering a Domain

To park your domain, it does need to be registered. When you are ready to park your domain, we can help!


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