Domain Parking

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What is Domain Parking?

There are times when people and businesses register domain names for future use. At other times, they register domain names for possible business diversification ideas for the future. Others register domain names with different extensions like .org, .net, etc., to prevent competition from registering these domains. When any domain name is registered, unless there is also a web hosting account taken where you intend to host the website, the domain name needs to be stored, or ‘parked’ somewhere.And this is where domain parking comes in.

When you register a domain name and store or park it with a domain name registrar without hosting a website on it, it is called domain parking.

There are a number of reasons for parking your domain

  • Domain Parking helps if … you have registered a domain name for a future use but do not intend to develop and host a website on that domain immediately.
  • Domain Parking helps if … you have a current .com (or other) domain name registered and you want to stop your competition getting the other extensions like .net, .org … of your domain.
  • Domain Parking helps if … you have an established brand, and do not want Cybersquatters to misuse it by registering a domain and creating a website using your brand.
  • Domain Parking helps if … you want to register typos or mispellings of your main domain name so others cannot use them.
  • Domain Parking helps if… you want to make an investment in a domain name. Let’s say you have found a gem of a domain name that everyone else overlooked and you want to hold onto it for a while hoping to sell it for a profit, you could then register and park that domain.
  • Domain Parking helps if … you want to cash in on advertising revenues from a ‘Coming Soon’ Page.
  • Domain Parking helps if … you use it to forward to another domain name where you have your website.

Types of Domain Parking

There are mainly two types of domain parking: monetized and non-monetized. In a monetized domain name, there would typically be a under construction page where advertisements are shown to visitors. Any revenue from the advertisement is earned by the registrant or owner of that domain name.

A non-monetized domain name may or may not even have an under construction page. Even when an under construction or coming soon page is put up, there is no advertising or other message that would result in revenues for the registrant of that domain name.

Monetized Domain Parking

A lot of money can be made from domain parking if you have a common generic domain name which has a term that is searched for a lot of times. Such a domain name would be desirable to many businesses and they would often be willing to pay a lot of premium for owning such a domain. Even if you do not intend to sell it, a parked domain with a lot of searches can attract a lot of traffic by people just typing in the domain name in the browser because it is a commonly searched term. This traffic can result in a lot of advertising revenue for the owner of the parked domain. Read our article about making money with parked domains to know more how you can use domain parking for making money.

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