Selling Domain Names

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Buying domain names, developing websites of value and then selling the domain name and the site is fast becoming a way for many people to try and make a quick buck online. This is because; selling domain names can often reap huge money. That is if you find the buyer who needs the domain and if you own a domain name in a competitive market.

On the other hand, many people choose to sell a domain name when they are changing the company or business focus. Acquisitions and mergers can also result in a need to sell a domain name. Whatever your reasons for selling a domain name, whether you want to get into the business of selling domain names or need to get rid of a domain name you no longer need, here are a few things you will want to know.

If you are selling domain names you already own:

If your domain name contains a keyword, then your first step would be to invest in a keyword analyzer to search out keywords that are used daily at the highest level of search. This will help you determine the value of the keyword that your domain name contains. There are a number of free keyword analyzers out there, but they may not consistent or accurate and the free version may only tell you how many times the keyword has been searched.

For those considering getting into the business of selling domain names:

You still need a keyword analyzer to select keywords that should be contained in your domain name. Domain names that contain high value keywords usually attract better prices. Make a list of multiple domain names and extensions, because your first choice domain name may have already been registered by someone else. Your focus should be on being creative about choosing a domain name that has the potential to command a high price. Your domain name should ideally have a valuable keyword and should also be remembered easily.

Your second step is to make a decision about web hosting. You need a website in order to drive traffic to the domain name that you are wishing to sell. Without a website, you have no way of getting either your name, or the domain name visible to the general public or prospective buyers. Traffic is the key here, the more traffic you drive to your website, the better chances of your domain name being sold and the better price your domain name will command. You may want to consider the various packages on offer at Ballistic Domains – for web hosting and for selling your domain names.

Creating your website is not hard nor do you need to go to extremes. If it is done right and promoted well, even a one page site will typically be enough to get your started selling your domain name.

Determining the value of domain names

In order to sell your domain name, you need to establish what price to place on it. One of the best ways to do this is to list the domain name on a domain auction to determine what someone would pay for this domain name. Read more on this in our article on domain auctions.

Listing your domain name on an auction site does not mean you have to sell it to the highest bidder. This is used to determine what the market may be willing to pay for your domain name. Your domain name is only worth what someone will pay for that name. Each domain name is unique and may be of value to one person, but the next may not pay a dime.

Marketing domain names that are for sale can be handled a few different ways.

  • 1. Wait for a potential buyer to inquire about your names for sale: wait for your domain name to be searched and brought to you
  • Set up your basic web page with a list of domain names for sale: drive traffic to your web page
  • Inquire with other domain name sellers and buyers: Ask any questions that you may have. Research the look and feel of their sites
  • Choose a domain name broker to help you sell your name:

Either way you choose to go, you can make a lucrative income selling domain names. Regardless of what direction you decide to take, you should always keep your WHOIS information updated and your contact information correct and current. Potential buyers of domain names tend to find a domain owner’s contact information through a WHOIS look up. When people contact you, if your contact information is not correct or current, you will have lost out on a potential sale! Ballistic Domains can help you with the best method for you to sell domain names. You will get fantastic prices and sensational service with BallisticDomains when you want to sell or buy a domain name!

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