Expiring and Expired Domain Names

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Why expired domain names?

Wanting to put your business on the web, but don’t have a domain name registered for it yet?
Found the right domain name but it is already registered to someone else?
What do you do? – You can get an expired domain name for your website!

Buying expired domains

Each day thousands of domain name owners forget to renew their domain names. Some let the domain name expire due to lack of interest. Others let it expire because they have many similarly named domains? But most let it expire simply because they forgot to pay their domain name registrar to renew it in time.

When a domain name registration expires or lapses, that domain name then becomes up for grabs by anyone who may then want to register it. The expired domain name must first go through a number of steps before it becomes available, but if the current domain name owner doesn’t renew in time, the expired domain name can be picked up by you!

Advantages of buying expired domain names

Expired domain names aren’t bad. Expired domain names aren’t worn out in any way. Expired domain names don’t lose their value just because the previous domain owner let them expire. In fact, having an expired domain name can be beneficial as it is seen as been around longer and hence has been ‘aged’ in the eyes of the Search Engines. Also, if the expired domain name had already been used for a website and you now use it for your website, then you are likely to get all of the links and traffic that used to go to the previous website that was running on the expired domain.

When someone lets their domain name expire, the expired domain name does not immediately become available for purchase and instead goes through a ‘grace period’ with their current domain name registrar that can last from a couple of weeks up to a year. Following that, there is a ‘redemption period’ which is usually 30 days in which all of the owners information is removed form the domain, but they still have the ability to reinstate it, at the end of these periods the expired domain name can then be purchased. The trouble is that you may not be the only person that wants to buy that expired domain name, and you have multiple people wanting to get it.
Want to know a little secret on how to get the domain name when it expires?

Expired domain names can be backordered through Ballistic Domains!

That’s right … take the uncertainty out of trying to register an expired domain name before everyone else does. When you backorder a domain, the domain in question will be monitored and as soon as it becomes available to be registered, Ballistic Domains will attempt to register the expired domain automatically on your behalf and in your name. There are no guarantees however, as anything may happen. The expired domain name may go up for auction, or may be renewed or … but whatever happens to it, you will be automatically informed and can act accordingly.

If you want to see lists of thousands and thousands of domains that are soon to expire, but haven’t yet, Ballistic Domains offers that service too by using ‘backorder domain names’.

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