Making Money with Parked Domains

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Making money with parked domains is relatively simple and you can do this by buying and holding your parked domain for later resale, or just park your domain and earn money from advertising and other revenue (and still sell it later depending on if the right offer comes up)!

The best domains to buy and park are those domains that have keyword rich words in the domain name. Keyword rich domains have the search terms as part of the actual parked domain name and allow you to have type-in traffic to that domain rather than searched-for traffic. Type-in traffic to your parked domain is as it implies is better as you dont have to do any promoting of your parked domain, and the amount of traffic is the amount of times people visit your parked domain name by typing in your domain name directly into their browser without having to first get there via some other site or by using search engines. The best parked domains that utilize type-in traffic are those that are general in nature and that describe a product or service. Domain names like or or Millions of people don’t both typing what they are looking for into the search box on their browsers but instead type what they are searching for with a ‘.com’ attached to it directly into the address bar. No significant advertising or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is necessary to make money with your parked domain this way.

If the domain name that you want is already registered to someone else and parked, then perhaps the current owner of that parked domain would be interested in selling it. If the current owner of the parked domain agrees to sell it, make sure how much traffic the parked domain is currently getting before you make an offer for it. The amount of traffic can easily be determined by requesting the server statistics from the hosting company that is hosting the parked domain, or simply installing code on the parked domains home page to record it. A smarter way could be to backorder the domain name if it is due to expire and see if you can auto-register it should it not be renewed. If the owner doesnt let it lapse, then you can make an offer to buy it from them.

If the owner isn’t willing or doesn’t know how to provide you with traffic data, go to to see if there is any information there about the parked domain you are interested in. Alexa produces a toolbar that people use to find information, and it is based on the data they get that they can predict a websites traffic. Knowing the amount of traffic the parked domain gets, can determine if it is worth your while to try and buy it and park the domain to make it earn you money. Google also has a tool to check on keywords and the demand for them clicking here – this will allow you to find some good search keywords to use in your new domain name that you will register and park. To see if your chosen domain name is available, go to Ballistic Domains to search for and buy available domain names.

So now that you have a good parked domain and you want to earn money from it rather that just hold onto it for an investment, what do you do? Put it to work!

Let your parked domain earn you money by listing advertisements relevant to the keywords that are part of your domain name. When someone clicks on one of your advertisements, you get paid some money for it. No hassles, no intervention, and nothing to lose.

  • You can setup Google Adsense to pay you. Google will automatically put their ads on your parked domain when you insert a snippet of code on your page that they provide.
  • You can setup yourself as an Amazon (or other) affiliate and link their products to your parked domain name page.
  • Signup for a domain parking company that organizes all of your advertising for you. All you do is point your parked domain name at their servers.

Here are a few domain parking companies (in no particular order and not affiliated with Ballistic Domains in any way) can be found below. You do not have to use any of them forever, and if you don’t get much traffic and revenue, just try a different one out!

When it is all up and running start promoting your parked domain by writing reviews, blogs, articles, comments and …. make sure in each one you refer to your parked domain and try and include a direct link back to it.

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