Domain Transfer Process

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How to Transfer Your Domain to Someone?

In a fast changing world, there can be any number of reasons why you may want to transfer your domain to someone. Whether it is a result of a merger or acquisition or just needing someone else to independently manage a domain name you were managing till now, if you need to know how to transfer your domain to someone, read on. This article will provide all the information you need to know about the domain transfer process and how to transfer your domain name to someone else.

Typically, there can be two kinds of domain transfers. You could want the ownership of your domain name to be transferred from you to someone else while retaining the domain registrar and web hosting service provider. Alternately, you may want to transfer the domain from one domain registrar to another.

Transfer Your Domain Name to Someone Else

Domain Transfer Step 1: Disable Domain Privacy

In order to transfer the ownership of the domain name from your name to someone else, you need to make sure that domain privacy is disabled or paused. If you have enabled domain privacy, you can usually disable or pause it from your domain registrar’s control panel by logging in and going to the interface that lets you manage the domain.

Domain Transfer Step 2: Unlock the Domain Name

The next step would be to unlock your domain name in order to transfer it to someone else. If you are already in the control panel where you can manage your domains, you will find a link to unlock your domain there.

Domain Transfer Step 3: Get the Transfer code

Once you have unlocked the domain name, you will need to get a domain transfer code that will allow the transfer of your domain to another person. Your control panel should have a link to obtain the domain transfer code. Click on this link after the domain is unlocked and make a note of the domain transfer code.

Domain Transfer Step 4: Provide transfer code to new owner to initiate transfer

Finally, provide the domain name transfer code to the person to whom the domain is to be transferred. The new owner of the domain can then initiate the transfer of the domain from your name to their name. Some domain registrars will allow you to enter the details of the new owner and let you initiate the transfer of the domain name. If this is the case, then the control panel will have a provision for you to enter the details of the new owner. Once you enter the new owners name and email address, etc., you can initiate the transfer of the domain name to the new owner yourself.

When you transfer domain names to someone else, you need to make sure that not only do you initiate the domain name transfer process your end, but also that the person receiving the domain name at the other end of the domain transfer process, accepts the domain name.

Domain Transfer to a Different Registrar

Transferring a domain name from one domain name registrar to another is also possible. The full policy on Transfer of Domain Registrations between Registrars as defined by ICANN can be found here.

Domain Transfer Process at Ballistic Domains

When you transfer domain names to someone with an account at Ballistic Domains you need to make sure of a number of things first;

  • Your domain needs to be unlocked at your current domain name registrar.
  • You domain name needs to be fully paid up at your current domain name registrar.
  • You have not allowed your domain name to lapse of expire, otherwise it may be in ‘Registrar Hold’ status.
  • You must be the actual owner or registrant of the domain. This may sound foolish, but a lot of the time a person thinks that they are the owner, yet the registered domain name owner is actually the person who setup hosting their website, or has built their website for them, so always make sure YOU register and own YOUR domain name.
  • Domain ownership is not being disputed.
  • The domain name hasn’t been just been newly registered within the last 60 days.
  • The domain name hasn’t been transferred with the last 60 days.

If all of those things are cleared, then go ahead and unlock that domain name and begin the transfer process.

When you transfer your domain name from a different domain registrar to Ballistic Domains, you will not miss out on any time on your domain registration that has already been paid for. When you transfer domain names to your account at Ballistic Domains, ALL of your existing time is added onto your domain registration period you have paid for on the transfer during the domain name transfer process.

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