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Having a website has become a vital necessity today, but everyone does not have enormous budgets for their websites. “I will make it myself to save a buck” is the way many websites appear. Many times they do not take into consideration that creating a website is not just about the page design. The domain name can be equally beneficial if you give it sufficient consideration. Here are a few points that will simplify your domain name selection.

Pick a relevant domain name:

While the name of your business is an obvious choice for a domain name, you may also want to consider basing on relevance to your industry and business. If your domain name contains terms that link you with the industry, it can and will increase the value of your domain name. Of course, your domain name should also be easy to spell, say and remember. Customers will return more often if they can remember the name of your site and type it correctly. It is even better if you can choose a domain name that is catchy or can be a slogan with keywords.

Check for availability of your preferred domain name:

Once you have weighed these ideas, you should have a list of domain name ‘candidates’ that you would wish to consider. You are now ready to see if any of the chosen domain names are available. Do a search for your choice of names with BallisticDomains and we will let you know if they are available. If your preferred domain name is not available, you will get other suggestions that can help you narrow down your search and choose the right domain name. Try and stick with the most popular extension, .com. However, .org and .net extensions are becoming just as popular to use. If you find that your domain name of choice has not been taken, make sure to register it as quickly as possible. The faster your take ownership, the less likely someone else will take over the domain name. Your domain name represents you online. Select it carefully! When picking your domain name, keep in mind that it is your brand, it is your image. You do not want to look tacky, cheap or like a fly-by-night service. Your domain name is like putting up your open sign on your business and having it point to your address. You want to pay particular attention to many signs that could point you in the wrong direction.

Here are a few basic things to remember when you are picking out your domain name.

  • Keep it short and easy to remember: By keeping your domain short or limiting it to one or two words, you are allowing your customers to remember your website address.
  • Do not use symbols such as $ # or @: When you tell someone to visit your website or mention your domain name in a conversation, symbols always make it harder to get the name across.
  • Consider adding your geographical location: Adding your location to your domain name will improve the chances of people in your area finding you.
  • Try not to invent words: Invention of words that are not already used is taking a major chance. Try to choose a name that already has a meaning and is spoken by the general public on a continual basis. You do not want to invest a lot of time into invented words for fear they will not take off the way you intend.
  • Avoid misspellings if you can: The correct spelling is usually easier to remember If your potential customers can not find you, you have no visitors. They will find someone else and you could have lost a potential customer to your competition.

BallisticDomains will help you pick the right domain name for you, give you correct pointers and provide you with low cost high quality domain name and web site hosting. We have many packages to choose from.

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