Bulk Domain Registration Explained

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Bulk domain registration makes sense if you have multiple domain names that you need to register at once. Doing bulk domain registration can be done on multiple domains but with different Top Level Domain Names (TLD’s like .com, .org, .net, .info) all at the same time.

Why would you want to bulk register so many domain names at once?

There are many good reasons, but the main reasons are convenience and cost. If you registered your multiple domain names individually, you would have to type in all of your ownership information time and time again, and you would also miss out on any bulk domain registration discounts that may be offered by your registrar. Entering all of the domain names at once, then selecting what TOLD’s you want to search availability for, and then entering your registration details once, saves you an enormous amount of time. Having a discount on all of those domain names when you bulk register them is always a good thing too. So, if it saves you both time and money why not carry out bulk domain registration!

Bulk Domain Registration Protects your Brand and Saves you Money and Time.

When you bulk register multiple domain TLD’s as described above for your company, you now have full control of their use, and this could stop later copycat websites being created to trade on your good name. Having all of the .com, .net, .org, etc domains also means that you can avoid costly potential ownership or trademark problems if someone else later tried to use one of those domains. At the same time that you bulk register those domains, you may be interested in doing bulk domain registration on all of the typos or misspellings of your domain name too. Bulk registering these allows you to redirect this traffic to you main website, and at the same time stops others from prospering on your brand by redirecting these misspelled domain names to their own website!

Take our own domain name for our website as an example: ‘WWW.BallisticDomains.com’.
Try typing the domain names below into your browser (or just clicking on them) – where do you end up?

… see how effective bulk domain name registration can be? They all end up at the main website!

If you need to in the future display different products or services on different websites, you have the flexibility that bulk domain registration brings you of using any of the multiple domain names that you have registered as you wish. You can even setup different email addresses on the bulk registered domains.

When you do bulk domain registration at Ballistic Domains it makes domain management easier too, as you can manage them all from one easy to use control panel. You can bulk register up to 500 domain names at a time with Ballistic Domains, and it is a straight forward automatic process.

Currently for a limited time only, if you bulk register 6 or more domain names with Ballistic Domains, you will receive FREE private domain registration!

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