Domain Backorders Explained

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You are probably reading this article because you want to learn how to back order domain names. It is probably safe to assume you understand the in and the outs of domain name registries so let’s move straight to understanding all about domain backorders.

What are domain backorders?

Domain name registries offer an option to businesses that seek specific domain names to back order domain names of their choice. Many times companies try to acquire a domain name for a client or customer just when it is about to expire, before anyone else can grab it. It is important to note that not all domain names can be backordered. If the domain is in the temporary hold status or if the original owner of the domain might renews the domain registration, then backordering the domain is not possible. Domain backorders are also not possible if a domain name is in the midst of a domain trademark dispute.

How to back order domain names?

When you register a domain name, you are not really buying or registering the name forever. Domain registration gives you the right to use the domain name only for the period of time that you register the domain for. Domain names can registered from one to ten years and can be renewed upon expiry. If for some reason the registrant decides to not renew the domain name, or misses the expiry date for whatever reason, the name then expires and is placed into a hold period. This is where the excitement starts. Depending on whether the domain name is a frequently searched for term, a high value name, etc., many companies can start vying for the domain name once it expires and goes into the hold period. There is a short window of time between the domain name going into the hold period and becoming available for registration and this period can be like feeding time for sharks. The interesting thing is that, regardless of whether the domain name is new or old it is possible to backorder the domain at any time, even though it may not even be showing as available. While you can place the domain name on backorder, you are not guaranteed the domain name because it may get renewed by the current owner. However, domain backordering lets you get your first bid in and gives you a chance to own the domain if it were to become available.

Placing a Domain Name on Backorder

  • Place domain name on backorder only if its set to expire within the next few days
  • Gather as much information as possible on the domain name in your sights.
It’s pretty much that simple. The hardest part is actually securing the domain name, because you could possibly be going up against many others as quick as the minute the domain name dropped. There are a couple of things that could happen if the domain name was actually caught when expired: 1. The domain name could go into a private auction for up to three days if there was more than one company that backordered the domain name– this is called Private Domain Name Auction Or 2. If you were the only person to bid you will instantly win If this still sounds too complicated for you to handle on your own, hiring a registrar to handle the domain backorder process for you may be in your best interest. There are many ways that registrars can take care of the back order process and secure the name that you are wanting.  
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