Domain Name Auction

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What Is a Domain Auction?

Domain Name Auctionlevel domain auction is an opportunity to own pre-owned domain names that could be a top-level domain, already have authority and traffic for a great price. It’s also an opportunity to bid on a domain name that you want, that is not available because it is already taken. Trying to choose a domain name and finding out it is already taken can be frustrating. Domain auctions provide the opportunity to help alleviate that frustration. At Ballistic Domains, we can help you understand the domain auction world! It really is not rocket science once you know what you are doing! If you have any questions about domain auctions, contact us today!

Domain Auction Basics

When buying and selling domain names, there are some things you will need to know:

Find the Auctions

When you are looking at selling domains, there are hundreds of sites out there that have domain auctions. Many of them are set up like traditional auction sites such as eBay.


Whether you are the one selling the domain name in the online auction, or the customer looking to buy there can be a minimum bid amount or reserve price placed on the domain name. Some domain auction sites will also have an area that shows the estimated value of the domain that is being auctioned off. As with other auctions, the highest bidder will walk away with the domain name.

The Basics

Aside from being able to set a pricing minimum, some sites may offer a bidder verification service for higher priced domain names to make the purchase secure for the buyer and the seller. Some sites also may keep a small portion of the sale for a listing fee.


You will also want to make sure that you protect yourself. It is important in the auction process to ensure the buyers and sellers are protected. Some sites also offer third-party protection plans such as an escrow service providing financial protection to the buyer and the seller.

You Have Options

Though it can be discouraging to find that your desired domain name is unavailable, your options don’t end there. You can look into domain auctions to see if your domain name is available, or if a domain reseller has it listed.

Expired Domain Names

It is also important to keep in mind that you will have a harder time selling an expired domain. When a domain expires, there are renewal fees associated with re-activating the domain. You can check with your current domain registrar to check the status of a domain you are looking to sell.



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