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Online Blogs

Build your subscriber list, publish your opinions or promote your company with an online blog - The most versatile online blog solution available!


Cheapest Online Blog Software


In 3 Easy Steps ...

Managing our blog software is easy. All you have to do is Create, Manage and Publish.

  1. Create your Blogcast with 100 customizable templates. You can play video and audio Podcast right from your live web page with the on-site player.
  2. Manage your blog by logging into Quick Shopping Cart, Website Tonight and Quick Blogcast from the dashboard. You can manage your videos, photos, manage comments and blog spammers, install Google AdSense and even tag your blog posts.
  3. Next is the fun part – publishing your Blogcast. You can keep your subscribers up to speed on your latest blog posts, share blogcasts and publish RSS feeds with a few clicks. You can also enable built-in surveys to get instant feedback from subscribers and new visitors with our blog software.

Try Our All-in-One Blog & Podcast Tool

Did you know the blog software you choose can make or break your blog? Having great content, eye-catching photos and videos is only one aspect of having a successful blog. The key to having a successful blog is presenting your potential blog subscribers with a blog that's user-friendly.

Behind every successful blog is a good blog software program. That's were we come in. Whether you're using your blog to promote affiliate marketing products, to promote your company or to publish your opinions, our blog software solutions will get your blog on the right track.

With Quick Blogcast, you can publish and generate iTunes and RSS feeds. Post animations, videos, photos and images instantly. Publish comments, videos and your thoughts in your blog or Podcast at any time, 24/7. You can even engage in conversations with your subscribers and get instant feedback. Here's how it works…

Quick Blogcasts sends new Podcast notifications to top-rated listing services like FeedBurner, iPodder, iTunes, and much more. What more can you ask for in a blog software solution!

Already Have a Blog?

Our Quick Blogcast's import tool allows you to easily transfer your blog comments, trackbacks and posts into your Quick Blogcast. It's that simple!

At Ballistic Domains, we make blogging effortless. Try our 3 affordable plans: Premium Plan, Deluxe Plan and Economy Plan and get started with Quick Blogcast today!



Buy Now!

Having a good blog is great for your online business. But it is important to choose the right kind of blog software too. Ballistic Domains offers cheap blog software with an additional Podcast feature! Great design and well written content is just one part of blogging but the main aspect is to have an efficient blog software that helps you create, publish and manage your blog without any hassles. Know more about the cheapest online blog software by Ballistic Domains.

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