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Articles about Cool Free Tools

Free File Recovery Tools

File Recovery Tools are essential even for the most seasoned veteran computer user. Experience does not exempt a user from accidentally deleting a file, but a File Recovery Tool will certainly make the situation more manageable.

File Recovery Tools allow you to recover a file after it has been deleted by an operating system level erase. In the case of Windows, when you send a file to the recycle bin, and empty it out, your file is more removed from sight, than it is deleted. However, the process to recover those files a function of Windows. A Free File Recovery tool can help automate that process, and restore those deleted files.

While File Recovery Tools save important from sure disaster, there are certain risks that come with their use:

  1. Do not 'count on' your File Recovery Tool. The best defense against a deleted file is a solid backup routine.
  2. These software's will recover MOST Operating System level deletes. However, some Operating Systems come with 'shredding' tools that will remove a file, and write over its location multiple times. This will prevent the file from being recovered by a Free File Recovery Tool.

You can get any or all of the free File Recovery Tools here:

Knoppix http://www.shockfamily.net/cedric/knoppix
Recuva http://www.recuva.com
ADRC http://adrc.com/software/data_recovery_tools/
File-Recovery http://www.pcinspector.de/file_recovery/welcome.htm
Restoration http://www.majorgeeks.com/Restoration_d4474.html

NOTE 1: Most free file recovery products are not as comprehensive as you may need. To get the full range of file recovery protection, you may need to buy a full featured commercial file recovery product.

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