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Free Browser Add-Ons

While we all have our favorite web browser, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc; there are things that we wish that browser did. Maybe we hoped for a built-in screen capture utility. Perhaps you wish that your browser had a better built in function for managing passwords. Regardless of the function of the desired add-on, you are in luck. Today, most web browsers are released with the ability to add customizable add-ons, and there is no short supply of them.

Depending on which browser you use, the plug-ins available will vary. However, the usage of the plug-ins can vary depending on what required functionality is needed. The good thing about browser add-ons is that in most cases, every one of them is provided free of cost by the Internet community. In addition to browser add-ons, there are also skins, themes, and different icon sets that can be added to a browser to supply a visual uplift as well. If the new features in the latest release of the most popular browsers aren't enough, a long look into a browser add-on would surely fill the void.

Browser Add-on Risks

  1. When using a browser add-on, be sure to pay close attention when upgrading your browser. Some add-ons may not work once an upgrade is applied.

You can get any or all of these browser add-ons here:

Firefox Add-ons
Internet Explorer Add-ons
Google Chrome Add-ons
Safari Add-ons
Netscape Add-ons

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