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Free Security Suites

Malicious software is on the rise in today's digital world. The ways to spread viruses, spyware, and malware are growing, and it is becoming harder and harder for the average computer user to stay safe while browsing their favorite sites. While most genuine sites take great steps to ensure the safety of their visitors, it will always be safer to employ a security suite to ensure that your time on the Internet is spent productively and safely.

A security suite will usually include a few pieces of software. The first being a firewall. A firewall is used to protect your local network from intruders. If any application within your network needs to access the Internet, the firewall will ask you to allow that access. The same rule applies for any application that would attempt to access your network from the Internet The next piece of software in a security suite would be a virus scanner that has real time protection. A virus scanner will allow you to scan your entire computer for infected files, while real time scanning helps to ensure that a file with a virus is never executed in the first place. These two pieces of software are the key ingredients in a security suite. Some optional software would be a spyware scanner, and a means of using a proxy to browse the Internet

However, finding a free solution with all of these applications is a difficult task. Finding them on the cheap even, while easier, is still a hard task. The light at the end of the tunnel is that there are several free applications, of each type, that you can use to build your own free security suite that will meet or exceed the functionality of a commercial solution.


  1. When using any application that has the capability to delete files, always exercise caution before allowing any files to be deleted.
  2. When viewing results from a virus scanner or spyware scanner, keep in mind that there are false positives. Most scanners will allow you to research false positives before deleting the file.

You can get the software needed to build a Free Security Suite here:

AVG AntiVirus http://free.avg.com
ClamWin Antivirus http://www.clamwin.com
ZoneAlarm Firewall http://www.zonealarm.com
Ad-Aware Spyware Scanner http://www.lavasoft.com


NOTE: While building a free Security Suite is a great way to achieve reliable security, you may need to purchase a commercial product to aquire all the features that you may need.

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