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Articles about Cool Free Tools

Free Encryption Tools

Using a firewall to protect your network from intruders? Do you have a password prompt to log into your network share and your computer? Still feeling like you could use just a bit more security for your information? You may be in the market for a file encryption tool. A file encryption tool will allow you take any piece of data, and folder or file, and encrypt it based on a predetermined or custom key. This will allow only people with that key to view the data that you encrypt.

A file encryption tool works by taking data, and using a key to regenerate that data. A key is simply a string of text or numbers, which will generally be in hexadecimal format in order to extend the use of that key. In some cases, MD5 is used to verify these keys. Each encryption program will have its own key, or will allow you to create your own key or multiple keys. These can simply be a password or combination of passwords, that you and use to verify your data after it has been encrypted. Encryption tools are especially useful if you do your own home accounting, and have personal banking data stored on your computer. A file encryption tool will help ensure that your most valuable person data remains 'eyes-only', while keeping it very accessible for you on a daily basis.


  1. File encryption tools often are not universal. If you used one tool to encrypt your data, it is a good assumption that ONLY that software can decrypt that software.
  2. While rare, file encryption can sometimes corrupt a file. Proper backup procedures should be maintained while using an encryption tool.

You can find many free Encryption Tools here:

TrueCrypt http://www.truecrypt.org/
PGP http://www.pgpi.com/
Camouflage http://www.camouflage.freeserve.co.uk/
AxCrypt (AES) http://axcrypt.sourceforge.net/
Ccrypt (Command Line Only) http://sourceforge.net/projects/ccrypt

Note: These file encryption tools will do just what they specify. However, a commercial solution with more features, and built in backups may need to be purchased for desired results.

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