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Articles about SSL Certificates

Domain IP Address Lookup

Domain Registration Article Details

Ever wondered who was behind a domain IP address or or domain name? Ever had a warning come in from your firewall or virus program telling you an IP address was attempting to gain access? Why not turn the tables on them with a domain ip address lookup?

IP addresses are at the heart of the internet. All computers and devices connected to the internet must have a unique IP address on the network they are on in order to be able to send an receive information from other devices on the network. IP addresses can be assigned to a device/computer/printer using DHCP (dynamic host control protocol), that allows an unused ip address to be used dynamically. When that device leaves the network, that ip address can be reassigned to another device. If you have setup your device to use a static ip address, then that is the only ip address that will be allowed on your network without conflicts taking place. If you are on a private network in a home or office, then you are likely to be assigned one of the IP addresses reserved for private networks in the range; thru thru thru

If the domain ip address that you are looking for is in one of the above ranges, then it is likely to have originated from your own private network.
If the domain ip address is, then dont fear, that is the ip address of the local host (another name for your own computer)!
If the domain ip address that you are looking for is NOT in one of the above ranges then use the lookup tool to see who owns that domain ip address.

Doing an ip address lookup from a doman name requires a DNS (Domain Name Server) search. We can actually perform that search right now on your browser as you are currently connected to this website. It doesn't compromise the security of your computer, and the information is freely given by your web browser to our web server so that our webserver can send you the information (web page) that you requested.

Your IP address: XXXX
Your host/computer name: XXXX

Finding a domain name (host name) based on an IP address requires us to send a request to that IP address asking that computer at the end of that address for its name.

Enter the information you want to lookup below to get the domain ip address you were looking for.

[ code goes here ]

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