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Online Marketing Articles

Role of hosting and domains in Search Engine Optimization



Every webmaster desires his site to attain the top position in the search engine rankings. Considering the break neck competition prevailing in the online business world, this job is certainly not a cake walk but it is also not something that just cannot be achieved. By following certain ethical SEO rules getting quality backlinks is not a big task. Hosting a site is the foremost step towards a thriving online business as this is what assists a site to become visible on the internet and reach out to scores of people sitting all across the globe. Likewise a good and relevant domain name is another key factor that determines a website’s search engine ranking. Top search engines gauge websites depending on the popularity of their domain names and place more credibility and value on the domains with a longer established history of being in business. Thus, reliable services for both hosting and seo as well as domain names and seo can improve your ranking capabilities.


To know how can hosting impact seo or how do domains impact seo, you ought to know their uses first, which are stated below:

  • Web hosting ensures a full maintenance of a website by increasing the uptime of an online business and makes it work seamlessly and consistently so that your website always remains accessible to your potential customers.
  •  On the other hand, domain names are used to form an address, which is to be used by the users to find or locate your website.


The seo importance of hosting and domain names for a successful online presence is mentioned below:

  • The seo value of domains can be evaluated from the very fact that it provides you with a unique identification which remains yours forever. It is easier and convenient for your prospective clients to remember in comparison to those lengthy GeoCities addresses.
  • Web hosting improves the performance of a website by efficiently handling high traffic of serving web pages to web browsers around the globe.


Despite of the great seo value of a domain name and hosting, they do have certain limitations which have been discussed below;

  • Managing various registration rights for the domain names can be a really high tech and time consuming affair.
  • Web hosting though very cheap ill still add to your business expenses.

On www, domains are just like the building name or street address which enables people to find you online. They are the unique identifiers which could be used from anywhere, anytime to visit any website. As it is an identification label which is used for searching particular web pages or documents online, thus you need to make sure it is catchy enough to grab the attention of your target audience. Once you decide on a good domain, you need to make sure your website remains available and accessible to the people looking for you. To make it work successfully web hosting plays a crucial role. This amazing technology allows efficient management of a website and promotes a seamless running.

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