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Web Hosting Gotchas!

Web Hosting Article Details

What you thought to be a great hosting plan has turned out to be nothing but a headache. The fine print, in most cases, if far overlooked or over shadowed by the flashy text that sells the packages. What most people do not notice is that the 3000gb of bandwidth that you can use each month can not actually be reached on their service. Whats the catch? The problem is that in plans that offer huge amounts of bandwidth on the cheap often overpopulate their servers with accounts. What does this mean for the consumer? This translates into accounts who are generating too much activity on the server being suspended or shutdown entirely!

Many web hosting companies have strict guidelines of how much CPU power an account can use, and how much memory an account can use. Go over these values, and your account is is in danger of being suspended or terminated! But you haven\'t gotten anywhere near the advertised 3000gb in bandwidth, or used all of your 300gb of hard drive space; gotcha! These limits that are imposed, and often never made visible before you sign up, will make it impossible for you to take advantage of all your bandwidth.

Another Gotcha to watch out for are those that have to do with storage space. A lot of plans now will over heaps of storage space, some up to 1 terabyte now. The catch here is that in order to take advantage of your 1 terabyte of space, you need to have 1 terabyte of files that pertain directly to your website. This is no easy task! Most websites today are only ten to twenty or so megabytes in size. To rationalize this, there are 1000 megabytes in a gigabyte, and 1000 gigabytes in a terabyte. That is a huge amount of space. So how does a website use 1 terabyte of space? Most don\'t, and never will. In most cases, if you try to use your space for anything other than website related content, you will get a notice to remove your files, or they will be removed for you. The trick here is to make sure that you are only uploading files that your website required, or you run the risk of losing those files.

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