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Web Hosting Articles - Articles on Web Hosting at Ballistic Domains

Website Backups

There is nothing like spending countless hours and thousands of dollars on your website only to have it get destroyed due to a hardware failure. This is something that happens to hundreds of websites a day, and the number is growing. What can be done about this? The most common solution to this is the very simple task of making a website backup. This is simply the process of making sure that all your files for your website, and any database information is duplicated and stored in a safe place. ...

What is Linux Hosting?

Linux hosting is not much different than any other type of hosting. The main idea behind Linux hosting is the concept of LAMP. This stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. These are the common and generally the only required aspects of Linux hosting. Linux is a very widely used operating system. Linux is also a free operating system, which is why it is used quite aggressively. Linux is community based, very compact in size, and is generally the most secure operating system. Linux comes in m...

Bandwidth Explained

Bandwidth, when dealing with hosting, is essentially the amount of traffic your website can have. This will generally include all types of traffic, from FTP traffic, images loading, hot-linked images loading, web views, etc. Bandwidth can be thought of as a highway, you have cars going both directions to reach their destinations. With a website, there is always data coming in, and going out. Generally speaking, most web hosting accounts today measure bandwidth differently than they advertise...

Website Storage

For most practical applications, the storage of your website will be on the actual web server that your website will run on. This makes the actual application and procedure behind running websites much easier. This will be the case almost every time for shared hosting accounts. The reason behind this is that accounts need to be setup quickly, in most cases automatically, for shared hosting accounts. There are some advanced hosting environments that will require the use of files on a different se..

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