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The Web Hosting Search Is On!

Web Hosting Article Details

Anyone with a web site knows that they need a way to get their site online and keep it there. Having a web site is easy; the hard part is finding a reputable web hosting company that can accompany each of your needs. Choosing a web host is almost as bad today as choosing a new cell phone. There are so many web hosting companies out there today, the options are endless. It actually takes a little bit of knowledge to weed out the “bad apples” and pick the best web hosting company for your needs.

How to narrow down your search

The first thing you need before even starting your search for a web host is to know exactly what your needs are, what features you will need, and what type of web programming technology you will be using. Some of your needs may entail helping you chose a domain name, registering the domain name. Your domain name will actually have an impact on your traffic to your site. So when starting to look for a web hosting company, domain name expertise may be of benefit to you and your site. If you have purchased your own domain name, be sure the hosting company supports them (most do), and be sure they give you at least 1 e-mail address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). A lot of companies offer 10 or more custom pop e-mail accounts with unlimited forwarding address at little or no additional cost, which is a nice feature.

Bandwidth is another service that most web hosting companies offer as “unlimited”. Bandwidth is just the amount of information that is passed between your host and the end user. Since most web host companies must use major brand high speed internet telecommunication services, these charges are passed to the customer on monthly charges used. The end result is, nothing in this world is “unlimited. The only real way to understand these charges are to read the user agreement and the terms of service of each web host company that you are looking into.

Customer support is a given with any type of service that you are going to spend your money on. Their support staff should also offer skilled, experienced and prompt service. Check online for forums, chat discussions and testimonials to get a clear heads up on the company you are looking into doing business with.

Windows & Linux Hosting Services

Let's look at a few features and offerings you might find with Windows and Linux based hosting services. Read below for a few tid bits and tips on both Windows & Linux Hosting Services.


Since the Linux operating system and all Linux based languages and databases are free to install for the hosting company, prices are usually lower than Windows. In general, more configuration options and advanced customizations are available with Linux based hosting services. Linux tends to be a favorite of web designers due to it in most cases being more secure.

  • Cheaper than Windows in general
  • Should offer PHP and MySQL (at least and HTML with Javascript)
  • May offer telnet/SSH accounts at little or no additional cost


Most of the time the Windows based servers are more expensive for the hosting company to purchase, so of course the price will be passed to the customer. The decision rests in your hands. If you are completely new to the web design world and know next to nothing about hosting options and features, you may find a Linux based hosting service more to your liking, and for a lower price. If you are using the Microsoft Access databases for the web, a Windows based hosting service with Access support would be a requirement for you.

  • Usually more expensive than Linux
  • Supports ASP recommended
  • Supports Cold Fusion, Access, SQL Server at an additional cost

Three Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Web Host

There are a few mistakes to avoid while choosing your host. I'd like to share these with you below, and explain why it's important to avoid these mistakes at all costs - especially if you wish to start an online business.

  1. Free web space or free hosting = advertisements for other website placed on your web page. This actually means your web site is not your own, but in a sense your web presence and identity is “shared” with other businesses. In the end, this could cost your company future business and the loss could be more than what you would have paid for a reputable web host.
  2. Low cost web hosting – under $5.00 a month= If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true. Many times these types of web hosting become over crowded and can not support the amount of clients or customers. Free or low cost, usually means you give up a little of your freedom of services in replace for a cheaper price. Its really not worth it.
  3. Limited hosting = Just as the name says, you will be limited on the number of add on services such as forms, statistic reports, and email account tools that you as a web master may need in the future. The best bet when choosing a web hosting service is to find one that offers many different options and service packages, this leaves room for growth.

Web Hosting Checklist:

  1. Step back and think about what you want
  2. Check to see if they allow you to have add-on domains. If so, then what will it cost in additional fees? (Some companies have a one time fee for this).
  3. Make sure you own your own IP address, not a shared IP. Most companies call this a dedicated IP address.
  4. Look at the control panel and understand it

Searching for a web host that offers fabulous service, affordable rates, and everything you'll need for your online business doesn’t have to be hard and complicated. Ballistic Domains has the expertise in each area of service that you may need to not only start your online business, but continue with you as you grow.

Ballistic Domains offers cheap web hosting services, cheap domain names and cheap ssl certificates!

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