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What are shared hosting accounts?

Web Hosting Article Details

What are shared hosting accounts? Just about everyone with any type of business knows, that in order to be the most successful, you need a web site that can help aid in directing traffic to the business. Web sites are used a lot like we use business cards. It’s simplly an advertisement, with more information at the tips of your fingers than a business card.

Every business starts somewhere, and having a website for your business is the first step of the beginning stages for most companies that are just starting out. Many times the website is the first thing to announce the business, even before the doors are open. Regardless of whether it is an online business or a brick and mortar; most business owner’s have the main objective being to broadcast information on their their products and services to as many possible clients or customers as possible. Since the internet is the fastest way to get that information out there, this becomes the first priority.

But before that can happen, there are questions that often arise as potential hurdeles for the new business owner. What is a HTML, PHP, and what is web hosting, where do they need to go for a web hosting service? Is web hosting needed? What’s the difference between web hosting and shared web hosting? Many questions can run through business owners heads and they need answering before a web site can launch. Often this causes confusion along with an overwhelmed feeling if the answers are not clear. For a better understanding let’s go over what exactly web hosting and web hosting services are and what they do .

A web hosting service or shared web hosting service is offered by a web hosting company that allows multiple websites to exist and co-exist in one web server that connects to the Internet. While each web site exists on a single server, each is located on its own partition there and is kept completely separate from other web sites. For first time business owners or inexperienced owners shared hosting is often the most economical decision since many web sites actually share the cost of the server maintenance.

How is web hosting implemented?

Web hosting or shared web hosting actually can be handled in two ways; Name based and IP based. Many web hosting services allow a mix of both on one server.


This is also called virtual hosting, or shared IP hosting. This host serves a multitude of host names on a single IP address and server. One of the disadvantages of this type of services is they do not support HTTPS (secure websites). Name-based web hosting uses the same IP address and the same digital certificate.


IP based virtual hosting or dedicated IP hosting, is when each website has a completely different IP address. The server is configured or set up with multiple network interfaces on the same connection. Using a dedicated IP allows for its own SSL Certificate to be used instead of being shared. Web hosting or shared web hosting is a great benefit for owners that do not want to cope or sort out the details. Since the web hosting provider is responsible for managing servers, installing server software and updates, this takes some of the burden off of the web site owner. All web hosting companies offer many aspects and available services, but the most important is the technical support that can hand hold the web site owner. The main thing a web site owner needs to concentrate on is learning how to use the web hosting control panel. This is where you will be updating, organizing, and managing your website maintenance. This will be the “backbone” or the “big brother” to your website. If you do not know how to manage the control panel, you will not be able to control your web site! Once this is learned, everything else slides into place like butter on toast and will now be able to get your website out for the big world to see.

Since there is such a minimal investment for the use of web hosting, many business owners opt for the cheaper hosting plans while in the learning stages since dedicated & VPS hosting is more expensive. It is just like everything else in life, you get what you pay for, meaning, if you opt for a shared hosting service, you will not have near the bells and whistles that you would have with a dedicated host but shared web hosting will cover all your basic needs to keep you up and running.

Where can you find a web hosting service?

There are many cheap web hosting service companies out there that range from mom and pop operations to bigger companies offering a multitude of services, some starting as low as $5.00 a month for hosting services. If you’re not real sure what you need nor are you sure how your company may pan out in a year, shared hosting for a small business is the best way to go. While purchasing a web hosting plan is not as easy as picking out a pair of shoes, BallisticDomains can help take the guess work out, as well as making sure you have the right web hosting package that fits your needs. Let us help you with all your web hosting needs!

Ballistic Domains offers cheap web hosting services, cheap domain names and cheap ssl certificates!

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