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PHP Hosting & Its Advantages

Web Hosting Article Details

PHP is an open source website language that was designed as a scripting language for the creation of dynamic web pages. For it to communicate with HTML PHP run on a web server and allows you to create dynamic web pages. Some of PHP's many advantages are its relative simplicity to use and that it can function with most web servers and most operating systems.

What is PHP Hosting?

Since it is an open source server-side scripting language, PHP is free. As a result, web hosting companies commonly offer PHP hosting under the cheap web hosting packages. Because it is free, it significantly brings down the cost of hosting and because it is open source, you benefit from enhancements made to PHP by developers around the world.

Advantages of PHP and PHP Hosting

There are many advantages to PHP hosting. Some of these advantages are listed below

  • PHP hosting is cheap:

    Because PHP is a free, open-source scripting language, PHP hosting costs are less than hosting with a commercial scripting language.
  • PHP is simple to implement:

    Since PHP is a server side scripting language, it integrates seamlessly with your HTML pages without the need to install any plug-ins or additional software. Because of its simplicity, most web developers prefer PHP for developing their dynamic websites.
  • PHP is platform independent:

    PHP can be used regardless of which operating system is running on the server. It works just as well with Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. It also supports a number of back-end databases like MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, etc.
  • PHP hosting is fast:

    PHP is light on resources. It is not demanding on system resources and that makes it an extremely fast hosting platform that does not affect the performance of other processes.
  • PHP offers security:

    PHP offers multi-level security features to secure your website against hackers and other malicious attacks. Settings in its php.ini config file can be modified to suit individual security requirements.
  • PHP offers flexibility:

    The dynamic load mechanism in PHP allows web masters to write and compile their own executable extensions, in addition to its ability to interact with a wide variety already existing graphic, encryption, XML and other libraries.
  • PHP modules are freely available:

    Flash, PDF, Calendar and other modules developed by other developers from around the world are freely available online, eliminating the need to develop compatible modules required by your site.

To know more about the PHP hosting packages offered by Ballistic Domains, you can either check our web hosting packages or contact us. We would be happy to help you with your hosting requirements.

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