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ASP.Net Hosting Explained

ASP.net is Microsoft's web application framework or platform on which websites and web applications can run on using 'server side' technology. ASP.net is built on the .NET framework which allows interactive and dynamic content on web pages to be created running on asp.net server technology.

Asp.net is a part of the larger .net framework that allows application developers, coders and programmers to create applications that can run on your computer as well as on the web without a huge re-engineering of the application to make it run on each. This means that applications running asp.net can be developed more rapidly using asp.net and also more cheaply using asp.net. In order to create asp.net applications, you of course need to have an asp.net development environment and an asp.net hosting service.

Having 'server side code' in your asp.net website allows less traffic to go back and forward between your web browser and the asp.net web server as a lot of the functionality already exists on the asp.net hosting server for the asp.net application or web page to call. Rather than reinventing the core code again and again, asp.net provides groups of core functions in modules called asp.net objects. Asp.net can therefore re-use these objects without having to code them each time to create a very interactive and dynamic user experience. Information entered into an asp.net web page can be remembered across other asp.net web pages using asp.net 'sessions' that record and remember the information via cookies and can freely access it as well. Based on the users information input into an asp.net web page, information can be retrieved from a database running on the asp.net hosting server and can be displayed, for example like the sequence of pages that you go through on an asp.net hosting website that features shopping carts and online stores.

ASP.net web pages are always compiled to allow them to run faster on an asp.net web server than normal asp code that is interpretted. Asp.net hosted pages are similar to CGI and are created with programming scripts (eg; JavaScript) that can get merged into the HTML of an asp.net page.

Asp.net execution is based on the 'Common Language Infrastructure' or at least (Microsofts interpretation of it). In turn, once programmers have created their code , it gets turned into CIL 'Common Intermediate Language' that acts as a command set of what it is supposed to do. CIL cannot be run on the asp.net hosting server directly, but is transportable, so that means that it can be moved to any asp.net hosting server, and just when it needs to be executed, the asp.net compiler turns it into executable code for the asp.net server and the specific cpu and operating system it is running on.

Asp.net hosted pages are named with an .aspx file extension that normally include XHTML to control the static and dynmamic portions of each asp.net web page.

Ballisitic Domains offers asp.net hosting services, and cheap domain names that can be up and running for you in no time!

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