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ASP Hosting Explained

ASP Hosting Article Details

ASP hosting means having an ASP server that offeres the ability to host Active Server Pages within a website. ASP was invented by a a company called Aspect Software Engineering in 1995 for the main purpose of allowing applications that are written in ASP to execute directly on the asp web hosting server, thus achieving faster web page response times. Having applications or programs run directly on an asp web server is called server-side scripting, as opposed to client-side scripting where the code is executed via the web browser or the users own computer.

ASP hosting was originally offered by Microsoft using its IIS (Internet Infomation Server) version 3.0. Creating asp websites that run on asp hosting servers provides a framework or environment where commonly used asp services are made available by the asp hosting server so that the website is able to run more efficiently and at the same mantaining the same 'state' (common variables and values) between subsequent asp web pages.

ASP hosting gives frequently used functions the ability to be called in 6 different 'objects'. This allows asp web developers to create asp web pages for performing tasks without having to rewrite a lot of code, as the 'building block' for each task has already been created. The 6 different ASP objects are listed below;

- Server Object: Accesses different methods and properties on an ASP hosting server.
- Session Object: Calls the asp hosting server to create a browser cookie on the users computer with session information about the user stored in it. This session information may include such things as choices the user has made and and information the user has already entered on an asp page. This allows information to be passed from one asp web page to anoher asp web page without it being lost. It essentially acts a a memory for the users experince on the website and gets removed from the asp server when the cookie gets deleted.
- Response Object: Responds to a browser request from the asp hosting server.
- Request Object: Gets all of the information from the browser for a requested asp web page on an asp hosting server.
- Application Object: Ability to group a number of asp files on the asp hosting server into a group of asp functions that can be executed.
- Error Object: Introduced in ASP version 3.0, this asp object allows detailed error reporting that might occur when running an asp hosted script.

ASP hosting as stated before is also a software development environment. Having asp hosting thus offers you native support for VBSript and JScript and includes HTML, scripts, and reusable ActiveX server components.

ASP.net created by Microsoft in 2002, has to a large extent taken over where ASP hosting left off. Using ASP.net means asp web pages that are using the .NET framework and have an asp hosted web page name, end with an '.aspx' extension. .aspx pages are compiled on the asp hosting server, so that means that they can be immediately run on each asp server without having to be 'processed' or interpretted first. This means that they can run faster and more efficiently than if they were on the asp server running as a script. To put this into perspective, having the asp code being able to be executed directly means that it is already in a language that the asp hosting server understands and can act on. If it is an asp hosted server-side-script, means you have more flexibility in that you can change the code to support dynamic web pages based on a users response. The drawback to asp server side scripting is that the code then needs to be interpretted into a language that the asp hosting server can then execute.

No longer do you have to have static web pages on your web hosting server. By using asp hosting on an asp server you can have dynamic webpages updated with specific user requested information retrieved from databases at will

Ballisitic Domains offers asp hosting services, and cheap domain names that can be up and running for you in no time!

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