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Creating Web Traffic

Web Hosting Article Details

It is a common misconception that, by registering a domain name and building a website, you will start getting a lot of web traffic. However, the reality is that there are millions of web sites on the internet today, and not all of them have been seen yet. So how should you go about getting web traffic and make your business work online?

Almost everyone today uses a search engine to find information on the web. Search engines are the single largest source of web traffic and Google alone contributes to about 70% of the search engine traffic to any website. It is natural that if you want to increase your web traffic, then you need to focus on making Google rank your website when someone is searching for a product or service that you offer. This is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

However, even before you SEO your website, you can do a lot to make sure that your site has the best chance of getting web traffic. In fact, you ground work should start even before you register a new domain name.

Domain names can impact web traffic.

It can seem like a simple task of registering your business name, but your domain name can impact your web traffic.

Types of Domain Names

Broadly, domain names can be classified into the following categories:

  • Branded domain names (Google.com, FaceBook.com, Nike.com, etc.)
  • Keyword domain names (Coupons.com, Football.com, Pizza.com, etc.)
  • Local domain names (LAPizza.com, SeattleCoupons.com, NewYorkFootball.com, etc.)
  • Combination domain names (BallisticDomains.com, YummyPizza.com, AmoebaCoupons.com, etc.)

While keyword domain names are the best, most of the top searched keywords have already been registered. Combination domain names are the wisest option if you can find a domain name which contains your most important, but directly relevant keyword, and also your business name.

Remember that shorter names are easier to remember, so avoid registering extremely long domain names. Here is an example. Among other services Ballistic Domains offers domain registration services. If the domain name was www.ballistic.com or www.bd.com, how would Google know what is the main service offered by this site? www.BallisticDomains.com has already told Google that this website is offers domains related services. This could be domain registration, domain hosting and other related services.

When people link to your site, most of them use your domain name to link to your site. If there is a keyword in your domain name, then the keyword automatically becomes a part of all links pointing to your website, and this in turn helps your website rank better and attracts more web traffic.

Just by having a keyword as your domain name doesn’t guarantee web traffic. You still need to have a good website with quality content, do concerted SEO and encourage others to link to your website. However, having a keyword-rich domain name is the first step towards getting web traffic.

Web hosting speed can impact web traffic.

A slow site means poor user experience. In today’s fast paced life, internet users no longer have the patience to let a slow or sluggish website load. They want information quickly. Because of this, search engines are increasingly factoring page load time in determining where a website ranks in search results.

By extension, your web server speed can directly impact your web traffic. Identify a reliable web hosting company and work with them in identifying the server requirements for your website.

Ballistic Domains is happy to work with clients and offering them the packages that offer the optimal web server speed based on the requirements of their website.

Search Engine Optimization to increase web traffic

Once you have registered the ideal domain name, selected the appropriate web hosting package, built your website, and taken it live, the next thing to do is search engine optimization. However, there are two things that can be done in order to start a steady flow of traffic to your web page.

SEO is a specialization. Your content, website coding and technologies used on your website and incoming links to your website play a role in determining where you rank in search engine results and the traffic you get from search engines. You need to make sure that your content is rich in keywords that your target audience searches for. You also need to try and get links to your website from other relevant sites, with keywords in the linking text. It is usually advisable to outsource the SEO of your site to specialists in the field or hire full time SEO experts.

Advertising as a source of web traffic

The next way to generate web traffic is to buy advertising on another website. You can also buy advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, etc., where you promote your website. The thing to remember is that if you buy advertising space online, you have already gotten your customer half way to your website. Since they are online, all they would need to do is click your advertisement, or enter your URL to view your site. It is important to pick locations for advertising that pertain to your area of interest. Advertising online is no different than advertising anywhere else when it comes down to finding the proper venue for your audience.

Web traffic from social media

Social media sites are the fastest growing segment on the web. Just about everyone seems to have an account with sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. These sites and many others that cater to niche interests have a captive audience that you can market your products and services to. Again, this requires careful marketing because it is easy to over indulge and get your website blacklisted for spamming. It is always a safer bet to either hire social media marketing specialists or outsource to an agency.

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