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What is Virtual Dedicated Hosting?

Web Hosting Article Details

Virtual dedicated web hosting, often referred to as a VPS, takes up the space between a shared hosting account and a dedicated hosting account. Virtual dedicated hosting is a service that has really taken off in the past five years or so due to great improvements in virtualization technologies. A virtual dedicated server works just like a shared hosting account, having multiple accounts on one server. However, as with dedicated servers, you also have full control over the virtual dedicated server.

So what is the difference between a virtual dedicated server and a dedicated server? The biggest difference is that you do not have all the resources that a dedicated server has to offer. You will generally be given a 'piece of the pie' of the system resources. For example, if the system has 4GB of physical ram installed on it, you will be given a 512MB chunk of the 4GB. This allows for multiple accounts, in most cases between 8 and 12 to be put on the same server. This is the only difference in the hardware limitations between a dedicated and virtual dedicated server.

The differences between shared hosting and virtual dedicated hosting are actually not to drastic. The biggest difference between the two is the level of access you will have with your account. Shared hosting generally only gives you FTP access, and some sort of control panel access to carry out the most basic of operations. With a VPS, you will have the option to have a control panel and FTP server setup for you. They generally come as a package, and will be configured for you for an additional monthly fee. However, with a virtual dedicated server you will also have complete root access. This will allow you to essentially perform any operation you would like on the server. Being that a virtual dedicated server can also come configured with no software on it just like a dedicated server, this level of access is crucial.

Ballisitic Domains offers virtual dedicated hosting services, and cheap domain names that can be up and running for you in no time!

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