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Dedicated Web Hosting = Total Control!

This Ballistic Domains article helps you understand how dedicated hosting helps you take total control of your website. Dedicated web hosting or dedicated server hosting is explained in this article from Ballistic Domains, provides cheap dedicated hosting services.

Despite the higher costs for dedicated hosting, and the overall requirement that your server be completely managed by you, the overall biggest draw to dedicated web hosting is that you can do anything you'd like to the server! A dedicated server is essentially no different from the desktop computer or laptop you have in your home. The only noticeable difference is that on a dedicated server, you will not have a graphical user interface due to the lack of a computer monitor. However, there are several applications that will let you connect to your dedicated server remotely and offer a very usable graphical interface.

It is also important to understand what all a dedicated server can be used for. Most people think of a dedicated server as a web server. However, being that a dedicated server is no different from a regular computer, they can run any number of applications and serve any number of other uses. For example, a dedicated server can also be an Exchange server, an Email server, an application server, file server, backup server and the list goes on and on. This is one of the joys about being in a position to have a dedicated hosting plan. If you need a web server this year, but situations dictate that you will need an application server next year, you can either chose to run both on the same server, or change your server over.

Perhaps the single most important thing to remember about having total control of a server is that you only YOU have total control. 99% of the time a dedicated server provider will not perform work on your server for free. Most people make the jump from a shared or VPS hosting solution and expect the same level of support on their dedicated server. However, the very definition of a dedicated server prevents such access from a web hosting company to your server. If you keep this aspect in mind, and plan backups and server configuration accordingly, you will be in good shape have a smooth running dedicated server.

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