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Domain Registration Articles

Private Domain Registration

Domain Name Registration Article Details

Private domain registration is a term used to describe a method by which a domain's registrar details that are normally made public through the domain registration process (and easily looked up via a WHOIS query), can be made private and protected.

In today's world where privacy invasion is becoming a growing problem, private domain registration protects your personal details from the likes of spammers, identity thieves, direct marketers and hackers. When you need to protect your privacy as a domain owner, you should consider private domain registration.

If you do not use a private domain registration service, then all of your private personal details as mandated by ICANN (the worldwide authority on domain names and IP addresses), WILL be available to anyone wanting to get it. This includes your name, address, email, and phone number along with the number of years that the domain name is registered for.

What is Private Domain Registration?

Private domain registration is an option most domain registrars like Ballistic Domains offer you for privately registering your domain. Private domain registration effectively creates a proxy record showing the details of the private registration service rather than your own. Your details as the owner of the domain are therefore kept private and only known to the private domain registration service you use.

Private domain registration is also a good thing to have if you want to post issues of a controversial nature, or display items of interest that cause a backlash against you in some way -- in either your work or community. Freedom of speech, and indeed freedom of anonymous speech is a right protected by the constitution. Having private domain registration on your domain will allow you to easily protect that right (unless you are inciting hate or violence, etc), effectively, and at little cost. Private domain registration services can be abused however, and people abusing it may have their private details revealed by the receipt of a court order or subpoena.
With Ballistic Domains' private domain registration services, YOU maintain full ownership of your domain, YOU have full control of your domain, YOU can still sell it, park it, or renew it, and YOU can host a website on it or setup email on it ... privately, the way YOU choose.

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