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Domain Registration Articles

Domain Registration Transfer

How to Transfer a Domain Name from Someone?

There can be any number of reasons why a person or business may want to transfer domain name registration from one domain registrar to another. Among the most common reasons for transferring domain name registration from one registrar to another include:

  • You are not happy with the service provided by the current domain registrar
  • You have multiple domain names with different domain registrars and would like to consolidate them all with one domain name registration company
  • You acquired a new domain and would like to transfer the domain name registration to your domain registrar

How to transfer a domain name?

If you are doing a domain name transfer from someone else who is selling you the domain, you must be sure that they are the ones that actually own it. To make sure that they are indeed the owners of the domain, you can do a whois check on the domain name to see who the registrant/owner of record is, and then try and contact them using their whois information listed.

You must also make sure that when you transfer domains from someone else, that the person transferring the domain name to you is trustworthy, is in control of the domain and is willing to transfer to domain name registration over to you.

If the person transferring the domain name has control over it, they will be able to unlock the domain and initiate the domain name transfer process to have it transferred over to you. If they weren't the owner of the domain to be transferred, then they wouldn't be able to unlock the domain name.

Transferring domain names from someone to yourself requires multiple steps from the current registrar to the new registrar. It is best that you contact both registrars to be sure of the domain name transfer process. Also be aware that a domain that is within the first 60 days of initial domain name registration cannot be transferred. Also, you cannot transfer domain names from someone if the domain name in question has previously been transferred within the last 60 days.

Other factors that may also stop the transfer of domain names from someone;

  • If the current registrant/owner is involved a 'Uniform Domain-Name Resolution Policy' (UDRP) dispute.
  • If the current owner cannot be identified as the true owner of the domain name.
  • If the owner hasn't paid their current domain name registrar for the domain to be registered.
  • If the current owner has allowed the domain name registration of the domain name being transferred to expire or lapse.
  • If the current owner has locked the domain to be transferred.

Why Transfer Domain Registration to Ballistic Domains?

Ballistic Domains gives such good deals on domain name registration and domain transfers that it makes sense to transfer domain names to your account here from another domain name registrar. When you transfer domain names into your account you can consolidate all of your domain names with one domain name registrar making them more easily manageable and allowing you to make the most of all of the extra services that are free of charge when you transfer domain names to Ballistic Domains like email, domain masking and forwarding and 24x7 free customer support. Most other domain name registrars do not offer these services free of charge when you transfer your domain names to them.

When you transfer your domain names from another domain name registrar you do not miss out on any time on your domain registration that has already been paid to the other registrar. When you transfer domain names to your account at Ballistic Domains, ALL of your existing time remains on your domain registration, and extra time is added on during the domain name transfer process.

The full policy on Transfer of Domain Registrations between Registrars as defined by ICANN can be found here.

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